8 incredible health benefits of using a spa bath

For most people, it doesn’t require a lot of convincing to take spa baths with hot water. It’s a pretty nice thing to do and its stress-relieving effect is enjoyable for most people. Besides leaving us feeling refreshed and clean, there are many reasons to regularly use a spa. Some of them even positively contribute to your health. Here are 10 reasons to take spa baths:

  1. Improved cardiovascular function and lower blood pressure

When exposing your body to warm-water up until the neck, blood pressure and heart rate drop and peripheral circulation increases, according to a study of Dr. Bruce E. Becker. The heart hast to work less for blood circulation thanks to less vascular resistance and lower blood pressure. When used 3 times a week, warm-water immersion has shown to have lasting benefits, improving the efficiency of your cardiac function. This is great news for people who have hypertension or suffer from heart disease.

Unfortunately, within the health industry this is not greatly recognized. If it were, public health would improve, and the pharmaceutical and health care industry would likely see reduced revenues. Our vision at ZenDays is to help people become happier, healthier and rediscover their wellbeing. Because of that, we work hard to get that knowledge out there and to help people getting access to alternative health treatments and wellness benefits that are usually less accessible or considered “premium” wellness services.

  1. Beat insomnia

Spa baths and hot water exposure has a relaxing effect on our bodies and can help you sleep. The heat of a hot water tub increases your body temperature and relaxes your tense muscles, e.g. after work-out. Relaxed muscles and the cardiac workout you give your body when immersing yourself in water up until the neck, makes you relaxed and tired. This can contribute to better sleep. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t fall asleep in the spa for security reasons.

  1. Alleviate body aches and pains
    For the same reasons as mentioned before, hot water exposure can help your muscles and body to relax. This can greatly contribute to pain relief when suffering from sour muscles, body aches and other pains suffered after physical training. It’s known to alleviate athletic injuries such as sour muscles or even arthritis. If it’s not a serious injury – e.g. a broken bone – and you suffer from body aches or other pains, get a good soak in a hot tub and you’ll probably feel better.
  1. Lose weight and prevent diabetes
    According to a study amongst people who suffer from diabetes, regular spa baths can bring their blood glucose and blood sugar levels down. On top of that, people lost 4 pounds in one month taking a 30-minute spa bath, 6 days per week. This was achieved without making any changes to their workout or nutritional routine. We don’t want to promote your next diet, but every little bit contributes!
  1. Beat stress
    Hot spa baths not only improve your physical health but this warmth releases muscle tension and promotes stress relief. Being in warm water leads to deep relaxation in your body and therefore diminishes signs of stress. Reduces stress leads to improved physical and mental health, which promotes better overall wellbeing.
  2. Detox your skin
    Thanks to the effects of hot water on your skin, hot spa baths can help clean your body. In general, heat opens the skin’s pores. When you’re in a clean surrounding, such as a spa or hot tub, the water can do its job and wipe away toxins and dirt from your skin. You will feel the result on afterwards; The detoxification results in a clearer skin. Give it a go and enjoy the feeling of refreshment, too!
  1. Less headaches

Dilated blood vessels make the blood pressure drop. Thanks to decreasing blood pressure, hot water baths can help alleviating the pressure in your head and hence, help reducing headaches. It’s the combination of warmth, relaxation and dilating blood vessels that make hot spa baths a winner when it comes to beating headaches.

  1. Feel more confident and reduce anxiety

When you treat yourself with a hot spa bath and feel good about it, you have positive thoughts. Mental health benefits are tangible when you enjoy a spa bath. When you’re getting into a hot tub in a bad mood and the spa experience makes you feel better, you’ll feel more confident afterwards. The same applies for the feeling of anxiety. Try it before giving a speech or attending an important event. It’ll help you having more confidence, be more mentally prepared and it can help you unwind and relax. To get long-term effects, it probably won’t be enough to get only one spa bath but give it a go – step-by-step you’ll experience the improvement.

Beware the risks!

Considering all the positive mental and physical health benefits, don’t forget that spa baths aren’t for everyone. People with health issues, particularly the ones with heart conditions and cardiovascular problems, should always consult their doctor first. Also bear in mind that exposure to hot water can lead to dehydration and even heat strokes when you’re in there for an extended amount of time. Also, pregnant women should be careful to protect the unborn from potential negative effects.

Finally, there are obvious benefits to spa baths, but they won’t do its magic if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle. Hot water baths can improve your wellbeing but it’s rather complementing a healthy life than being at the core of one. At ZenDays, we encourage everyone to enjoy a good warm spa bath every now and then (whenever their health allows for it). It can help most people to feel better and improve their mental and physical health!