Accountability is key when making a change in your life. Whether you are starting a new gym routine, launching a business or beating addiction, having someone there to keep you on the right track is one of the most powerful tools you can have.

What is accountability?

When you are accountable for your decisions, you stop blaming others for how your life is. You take responsibility for your actions and acknowledge your share of responsibility for the results.

Accountability gives you power over your life and behaviour. It allows you to live purposefully. You gain the ability to make positive choices and lead a healthier life.

How to be more accountable

Keep reminders. Write down what you are trying to achieve and place it somewhere visible. This could be a note on your fridge, or a wallpaper on your phone. What are you taking responsibility for? What is the goal you will achieve? What would you stand to lose by letting the behaviour slip? Some people working with ZenDays to overcome addictions would risk their children, significant other, job or even freedom if they weren’t successful in changing their habits. Be sure to keep visual cues in obvious places as a continuous reminder of what you are trying to achieve.

Get help. Don’t go at it alone. Building accountability is not easy; a coach can help you ensure you can come through the challenges you face without slipping off the path to recovery. Your addiction coach is there to provide support, help you set and manage your goals and guide you to a more successful life. A good coach will not judge you and treat all your interactions as confidential.

Set achievable goals. When in recovery, we are usually working towards getting our lives back to normal. This is an achievable goal for most, but it helps to break it down further. How should your relationship be with your parents? What diet and exercise plan could you establish and stick to, long-term?

Remember that a goal you can visualise is a goal you can achieve – if you cannot realistically imagine reaching your goal, it may be wise to look at it again.

Working with a coach helps you practise accountability. You can set up smart goals that will help you stay in check. Explore your behaviours and how they affect your interactions and your future. Take back control of your decisions.