Overcoming addiction is a huge challenge. Bad habits combined with dependency can leave us stuck in a damaging downward spiral. It is a daily struggle that, for some people, can last for a long period of time even after undergoing treatment. Get some help with addiction & recovery coaching.

Tips for overcoming addiction

Reach out for help. Beating addiction is made more manageable with competent and friendly guidance. An expert addiction and recovery coach can give you insight on your choices and show you how to start fixing them. You can work with them to understand your stress response, build a more supportive lifestyle and create an action plan to fight off the addiction. Get help and advice from a capable coach to see the results you need.

Avoid your triggers. When you’re trying to quit smoking, you will not succeed if you surround yourself with people who smoke all the time. Equally, keeping a pack of cigarettes lying around in your house will only give you temptation. Whatever your addiction, avoiding triggers and tempting situations is important when building new habits.

A good coach will help you figure out what triggers you, and how you can minimise the chances of giving in to temptation.

Take up new activities. Too much idle time can be dangerous, especially when you are working to beat your addictions. Keeping busy can help you avoid tempting thoughts – not doing so can lead you to slip back into bad habits. To avoid this, try filling up your day with activities that you enjoy. Join a language class, start working out or volunteer at an animal shelter. Create a plan with your coach and let them be your accountability check to keep you walking down the right path.

Coaching makes it easier for you to gain perspective on the process you’ll follow to beat your addiction, and what efforts will be needed to get you there. Work with a professional that will guide you and keep you accountable for your choices.