The root cause of an addiction to substances or activities can often be traced back to a stressful situation or past trauma. In some cases, the dependency is result of a high-pressure lifestyle. Everyone has a different stress response – from the positive (exercise, sharing, meditating) to the harmful (overeating, drinking, drugs etc.)

Awareness and control over your response to stress is key when attempting to build more positive habits. We can’t avoid stress, nor can we get to a point where everything in life is perfect. It is the way we respond to the challenges in our life that defines our success.

How to control and change your response to stress

Take time to assess the situation. Our immediate response to any challenging situation is fight or flight. Your body views all stressors as threats that need to be dealt with at once. This reaction may be natural, but it is not healthy. When we allow adrenaline and emotions to dominate our conscious mind, we often take the path of least resistance. This leads to poor choices and bad habits. A better response is to give yourself the necessary time and space to process the situation and consider your response to it.

Get help from an accredited coach so that next time you face something stressful, you can give yourself the necessary space and perspective to understand what is happening and avoid taking reckless action.

Challenge yourself to face each difficulty as it comes. Coaching makes you better equipped at handling the pressure long after you have ended your coaching sessions. Improve how you respond to stress by facing it head-on.

Change your perception. Losing your job, for example, may feel like the end of the world… but are you able to find the positives in the situation? Does it present an opportunity to get into something you enjoy even more? Or will you now have a chance to work on yourself, or finally explore a passion?

Practising gratitude in hard times can be tough, but positive self-talk can have a powerful effect on your well-being and state of mind. As human beings, our perception can be limited at times. We can fail to see the bigger picture, and let the smaller things dominate our thoughts. Coaching increases your mental strength helps you re-frame the problems you face, so that you can overcome them effectively and be unstoppable in your daily life.

Learn to relax. Find something healthy and fun that can build into your routine. Take a yoga class, experiment in the kitchen, start painting or explore your local area. When we give our bodies time to do something we enjoy, we become better at handling stressful situations. They put us in a better mood and keep negative thoughts at bay.

Learn how to regulate your response to stress with our team of coaches. Get support and guidance in building a positive daily routine and become bulletproof to the challenges you face.