Addiction is hard to understand for those that have not experienced it. Some people even believe that addiction is a choice – a sign of weakness, or something that could be controlled with a little effort. The lack of empathy in society can make it hard for those suffering from addiction to seek the essential support they need. This is especially true when these viewpoints are held by friends, family or neighbours of the person looking for help.

This leads to the most vulnerable being judged the most harshly and entrenches the problem even further.

Some journeys are personal and are better kept discreet. If you are overcoming addiction, an online coach can give you the confidential support you need to face your demons effectively and in private. Working with one of our professional addiction and recovery coaches can help you get through to the other side, under your own steam and away from the spotlight of others. Here’s how:

  1. Online sessions. All ZenDays sessions are held online, in private, from the comfort of your own home. The whole process is conducted over the Internet, securely, using our global network of professionals. Get the help you need without your friends or relatives needing to know about it.
  2. Coach-coachee confidentiality. Our coaches are professional, certified and experienced. They understand and respect the need for client discretion. As such, all information you share with them is handled in confidence, and only used to help move you towards your goals. You can concentrate on your recovery without the extra judgement from those that simply don’t understand the struggle.
  3. Certified and experienced coaches that understand the nature of addiction. Our coaches are trained to help you heal, not to judge you. Their main goal is to see you through to a better place than when you start. They will offer you objective advice and support you in your recovery.

Fight addiction privately and effectively with your ZenDays coach.