Are British People Addicted to Stress?

Most British people are content and appreciative to have a job and would still choose employment even if they did not need the money, studies show.


About 62% of UK residents say they would like to work in a job they enjoyed rather than doing nothing at home – even in the face of increased stress due to longer working hours, a trend reported by a large majority of respondents.

Those surveyed also said they are feeling a higher amount of pressure than ever before to perform well at work, and complain that they enjoy a lower level of job security than in the past.


Those with jobs do however feel more attached to their professions, over and above the paychecks they earn, and are now more likely to remain in work even if they were to win a life-changing amount in the lottery.


The survey revealed graduate workers and milennials were the most likely group to say they would like to remain in a job even if they didn’t need the money.


Despite this, around half of those asked (49%) said they would want to be employed even if they did not need to be. The conclusions form part of the British Social Attitudes survey(BSA), a study started in 1983 with the aim of assessing the thoughts and beliefs of the UK population.


On the other hand, those in office jobs claim to be enjoying much more freedom and flexibility than they did this time ten years ago.


Kirby Swales from the NatCen Survey Centre, the body leading the research, said UK residents seem to be more willing to work harder in pursuit of something to feel proud and happy about.


“There is a pattern of people working harder but being happier. There has been an increase in those that are willing to work hard,” Mr Swales told the Telegraph.


“It does seem to be increasingly accepted among people that they have to go that extra mile and they accept that work is a bit more stressful and a bit more imposing on their work-life balance, but if that is associated with more autonomy there are plenty of people choosing to do that.”


It has been claimed in the past that stress can be addictive – see adrenaline junkies and extreme sports fanatics for the clearest example – and it is certainly logical that this would extend to the workplace.


Does this resonate with you?

Could you be addicted to stress at work – and is this really what you want from life?

It certainly is an interesting debate.