In times gone by, your education, work experience and network would have been all you needed to build a successful career or business.

However, the modern professional needs to have more in their arsenal. Control over your emotions, effective communication, advanced people management techniques and more are now essential ingredients for success. What’s more, the modern workplace is now a place of pressure and stress – making emotional mastery even more challenging. Discover how a career coach could help you develop those essential skills.

A shift towards global, inclusive and agile teams has progressed expectations. Intellect, education and experience now need to be complemented by good emotional intelligence, or EQ, for a manager to be considered as the finished article.

What is emotional intelligence?

When you are emotionally intelligent, you are highly self-aware. You can comfortably recognize emotions in yourself as well as in others and how they affect you. You are in control of your stress response and can instantly understand and shape your reactions to challenging situations. Emotional intelligence also relates to your ability to empathise, persuade and relate to those around you.

People with high EQ adapt their approach to suit the emotional state of the people around that. They adapt their word choices, tone of voice and body language accordingly.

Good emotional intelligence enables you to form healthy relationships and maintain them through relatability and communication.

Can you learn it?

Yes. Unlike IQ, you can certainly develop high EQ. It will, however, require dedication and practice. A good place to start may be to work on improving your communication skills, self-control and conflict resolution skills.

Where the career coach comes in

If you are looking to build EQ, getting support from a career coach is a great start.

Your coach can help you understand how your peers and colleagues interpret your words and actions, so you can improve your own self-awareness. In turn, you will understand how subtle tweaks in your approach to interactions with those around you can lead to surprising results. Avoid conflicts, inspire others to follow you, and become more approachable. Gain confidence, build charisma and become the leader you always knew you could be.

Your career coach will also help you deepen your understanding of our responses to stress, and gain more emotional control when you are feeling the strain. They will work with you to understand your triggers, and design a plan to minimise your exposure to them and respond to them more effectively.

Control your stress and create healthier interpersonal relationships with your career coach.