The modern world is full of distractions. A ping on your phone with a new email or Instagram notification. Traffic noise. Chatty colleagues. Hundreds of little interruptions to our daily lives that steal our focus and limit our productivity.

Ask yourself: how long is your effective attention span? How long are you able to stay focused and productive? Is this preventing you achieving your goals?

In today’s hyper-connected world, our brains have been conditioned for instant gratification. As a result, the modern professional has unprecedented difficulties with concentration and focus.

Another potential cause of poor focus is our sleep patterns. Lack of sleep is another issue facing many of us, which impacts our focus levels, mood and ability to learn. Studies have also shown that insufficient sleep also impairs our judgement, impedes our memory and causes us to be confused easily by challenging situations. Many of us do not get enough sleep each night – “not needing” sleep has even become a badge of honour in some workplaces. If you suffer from lack of focus and attention then this may be a root cause.

A lack of purpose and affinity with your work can also cause poor focus due to low innate motivation. Sometimes you just really don’t like what you do. When you dread getting into work in the morning, you are exhausting your willpower before you have even arrived. Is it any surprise that you can hardly focus on your tasks once you get there?

Enhancing your focus

With the help of a career coach, you can become more effective in your everyday life. They will help you identify the key distractions and obstacles to your productivity. They will work with you to implement greater structure and order to your day and give you the tools you need to avoid interruptions. In doing so, your coach will also help you to stay motivated to finish the job in hand.

Increase your productivity by practising on building your attention span. Work with a career coach to unlock your focus.