The demands of the labour market are constantly shifting, particularly as we grow as professionals. Trends in employer requirements, such as the experience and education levels needed for certain roles, seem to move endlessly. To make matters worse, we know that our peers are out there improving their own skillsets and experience levels. All of which begs the questions: how can you stand out from the competition? How do you improve your job prospects? And even more importantly, how do you package what you already have in a way that sells you effectively?

What your career coach will do

You may wonder what career coaching entails and how it can help you.

The main aim of your career coach is to empower you to become a better version of yourself. No-one wants to remain in the same position forever. You might be chasing a new challenge, a promotion, the launch of your own business, or even just better recognition for the value you bring.

Unfortunately, good past experiences and a stellar CV are no longer enough to ensure better career prospects. Other areas of personal branding are becoming increasingly important. Your social profiles, for instance, are key elements to your advancement. Developing the right soft and hard skills to succeed in a changing market is also a critical factor.

Sounds overwhelming? Things are easier when you have the support of someone that is dedicated to helping you get better prospects. Especially when that person is qualified and experienced in doing just that. Get help finding the right challenges. Define your five year vision. Map out how you will get there. Start working on developing the skills you require to succeed.

A career coach helps to make this journey easier.

What your career coach won’t do

Your coach will not find the perfect career path for you. Defining what is right for you is a realisation that must come from within. However, your coach will support you by working with you on skill development (time management, leadership, negotiation etc.), self-improvement and personal branding.

Increase your chances of success with the help of your career coach.