We all know the feeling when there are never enough hours in the day. You have a full schedule of meetings, tasks and activities from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Your inbox is overflowing, deadlines are approaching and people are demanding yet more from you. At the end of the day you are left feeling overwhelmed, and powerless to get through your backlog.

Weekends and holidays offer no respite. Instead of recovering and spending quality time with loved ones, you are either putting in the hours needed to catch up or worrying about where you’ll find the time you need.

Sound familiar? It may be that you need to improve your productivity. Not to worry, help is at hand. Get started now with career coaching.

Start by understanding what makes you unproductive

The enemy of good productivity is the distraction. In the day and age of smartphones, social media and (yes) cat videos, distractions are everywhere. Our attention spans are shorter than ever before, and the willpower required to maintain focus on the tasks in hand can be a problem. Lack of focus will eat into your accomplishments.

The absence of clear priorities and a proper plan can also make you unproductive. Disordered, endless to-do lists not only drain away your motivation, they can also lead you to focusing on the tasks that are comfortable rather than the tasks that important. You need a clear and structured approach to get everything done – starting with the 20% of tasks that yield 80% of the results (the Pareto Principle).

Your Coach is Here to Help

If you are still reading this, then you may have reached the conclusion that it is time to get some help with improving your productivity.

Your career coach will listen to you and help you find a better structure for your daily routines. Whether you need to make sweeping changes or to become more productive to get through a specific project, your coach will arm you with the tools you need to get more done and succeed.

Discover how powerful effective time management can be. Learn how to delegate and prioritise more effectively. Use modern tools to automate and support you in tasks that have disproportionately high demands on your time.

With the help of the right career coach, you can be more effective and rediscover your most valuable asset – time. Improve your productivity and maximise yours.