Some people look like they were born with the ability to negotiate. They make deals and charm their ways to better salaries, contracts and clients and make negotiations look like a walk in the park. That said, good negotiation is a skill that you too can learn, with the help of an accredited career coach.

Why you need negotiation skills

Negotiation plays a significant role in your career today. Whether you’re trying to close a deal, upsell a new project or simply get a higher salary at work, these scenarios are unavoidable. It can be limiting when you are unable to apply the necessary communication skills and achieve a positive outcome.

Where most people go wrong

First is poor planning. If you enter a meeting with no specific goal or pre-defined limits, you are highly unlikely to maximise the outcome. Here, you would be open to accepting arguments that take you away from your objectives. Good planning leads to focus, and focus leads to results.

Not doing your homework beforehand may also lead to unnecessary obstacles. A good negotiator does their research on the other party, and what they want, so they can tailor a deal around their needs for better results.

A lack of preparedness can also lead to uncertainty and fear of manipulation in some cases. This can cause you to jump too quickly into deals that are “good enough”, rather than adequately defending your interests to a better conclusion.

How to improve your negotiation skills

Learn skills that you need to become a better negotiator with the help of a career coach. You can practice becoming a better communicator, listening to people actively and sharing your thoughts and ideas in a way that lets people understand you.

Start to offer value to the other party. Cultivate the ability to focus on how they can benefit from you, which lets them know that they need you. You will learn to practice compassion, understand the other party and search for ways where you can mutually benefit from the offer.

Make your offers from a place of self-assurance, as you will have planned and done your research in advance. Avoid the classic pitfalls that lead to one-sided deals and outcomes you regret. Start learning the skills you need to improve yourself and your financial situation today, with the help of career coaching!