Every once in a while, we can start to feel disconnected from the people closest to us: our partner, family members or friends. You used to be close, but over time you begin to spend less time together and find you have fewer things in common. Life gets in the way.

Maintaining relationships becomes harder as we get older. You are busy with work, parenting, school, and maintaining your relationships ceases to be a priority. So, you start to grow apart, and the bonds you once had (or wish you had) begin to fade away.

Yet without these close relationships, you can end up feeling lonely and isolated. Get connected again with your friends, with relationship coaching.

Building stronger bonds

If this resonates with you, there are some strategies to adopt to start building stronger bonds with those around you.

Work on your communication. Maintaining open lines of communication is key to strengthening bonds. You need to check in regularly and show genuine interest in their lives. What projects are they working on? Are they planning any trips? Stay in the loop in order to stay close.

This gets hard when you are busy. If it has been a while, you may not be sure where to start. It may feel like a huge effort is required and you get discouraged before you have even begun. Get some guidance from our relationship coaches on how to open up your communication. You can start by setting aside some time to send out messages to your friends every week. Your coach will help you keep up with this until it becomes more natural to you, and you can take it up on your own.

Do something special on important dates. Birthdays or other special occasions present a great opportunity to rebuild relationships. Go the extra mile with a thoughtful gift or message. Plan it well and be personal.

Spend time together. Advance planning can help keep people close. Get meetups in the diary, plan a road trip once a year or even just a video call to catch up on each other’s lives. Take the initiative to show that you care.

Coaching lets you find out areas you have been neglecting when it comes to your friendships and close relationships. Your coach will explore your concerns, anxieties and behaviours, and work with you to improve them.

Build strong and healthy friendships with the guidance of a relationship coach. Develop quality connections that will help you become happier in life.

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