When you are anxious, you dread social situations. You may find yourself cancelling plans with friends to avoid having to figure out what to say or how to act when you meet new people.

Sometimes, you may feel as if you are being judged. You worry what other people think of you, that you might do something horribly wrong, embarrass yourself.

Social anxiety could make you lose out on opportunities to enhance your career prospects, make new friends and enjoy life.

It is often a result of negative self-image, where you are simply not comfortable in your own skin. However, unlike the shyness or stage fright that most people experience every once in a while, your anxiety feels pervasive and ever-present.

It is a very common problem that affects many of us.

You may struggle with excessive sweating, stomach upsets and or even have trouble breathing just because you are about to get into a social situation. When you’re with people, you may find yourself hiding in a corner all night, counting the time until it is appropriate for you to leave without other people noticing. Get some help with relationship coaching.

How can relationship coaching help

Most people don’t understand how hard it is for you to do some things because of your anxiety. They will say you’re just shy, but you know that it goes deeper than that.

The anxiety might be so bad that even the thought of calling a psychologist and having to meet them becomes hard. Taking the first step is always the hardest part but working with a relationship coach can open your world and change your life.

What’s more, online coaching can be a lot less intimidating. You don’t have to meet up face to face, and can do everything from the comfort of home.

Through coaching, you can practice becoming more confident in your interactions with others. Identify social situations that are generally low stress, such as spending time with a small group of your friends, and work up from there.

Create milestones with your coach to help you become more outgoing. Start small and build your way up to higher self-confidence so you can finally overcome your social anxiety. Take control of your personal growth and do it at your own pace.

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