Despite the Weak Pound, Brits are Travelling (and Spending) More

The Office for National Statistics reports that the number of tourists entering the UK increased significantly since the Brexit vote was taken, according to their investigations.


Tourists from overseas made 3.5m trips to the UK in June 2017; this is a rise of 7% when compared with June 2016.


What’s more, overseas visitors spent £2.2bn on their trips to the UK in June 2017; this is a rise of 2% when compared with June 2016.


Interestingly, despite the weaker Pound, UK nationals have not been deterred from taking trips abroad.


UK residents made 7.2m trips abroad in June 2017; up 4% from the figures for June 2016.


Another compelling statistic is that UK residents spent £4.6bn on their overseas trips in June 2017, which is a 15% increase versus June 2016.


This spending increase is, again, in spite of the rapid decrease in the value of the Pound.


The data also shows that Europe is clearly the most visited destination by British tourists, regardless of the approx. 25% drop in the Pound-Euro exchange rate since the start of 2016.


The USA is the second most popular destination for UK travelers but visits to “other countries” (those outside the EU and USA), went up by 13%.


The levels of visits and the spending levels vary through the year, with a notable rise in the warmer months. This is the case both for UK travellers and those coming in from abroad.


That being said, UK residents demonstrate a higher demand to both travel and spend money during the month of August, due mostly to the coincidence with UK school summer holidays.