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Lucile Hernandez

A truly global coach, Lucile Hernandez is a nutrition and […]

Specializes in

  • Nutrition for optimal performance
  • Mindful self-improvement
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William Maloney

Willliam’s speciality is his ability to take any health, […]

Specializes in

  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Elite human performance

Stephanie Anklan

Stephanie is a classically trained dietitian who was tired […]

Specializes in

  • Sustainable nutrition and wellness plans
  • Nutrition myth-busting

Katharina Schiller

Katharina is a health and well-being expert  Following a […]

Specializes in

  • Lifestyle-based nutrition plans
  • Holistic health & fitness coaching

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See why people love ZenDays coaches

Viktoria is a highly talented, natural coach. She has been priceless in my search to find the right road in work-life. Her guidance challenged me to think beyond just “the job search” and focus more on finding a career that would go along with my strengths, vision and goals in life. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, sincere and passionate mentor.


- Coach: Viktoria Galitsi

So glad I did this. Cherie is warm, friendly and empathic, and has an innate way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. Working with Cherie gave me both clarity and confidence, and helped me learn lasting habits to cope with stress and uncertainty. I genuinely enjoyed spending time with her each session – she is an absolute delight.


- Coach: Cherie Cox

It was my first experience with life coaching and my experience with Lia was amazing. It would not have been possible without her. Lia is very compassionate, understanding and an expert listener. She knew what questions to ask and how to find out the root of the issues. I got the necessary courage to face my fears. Lia has made it possible for me to walk on the road of continuous improvement. The exact thing that I was looking for from our sessions was non-judgmental listening. She has given me more than that. Thank you very much.


- Coach: Lia Rich

Working with Nancy is the highlight of my week! In the short time we’ve been working together, not only have I noticed great personal growth but I’m also much more at peace and continuing to grow more confident with who I am. I’ve learned various techniques to try and figure out what works best for me.


- Coach: Nancy Koenig

Alexandra has been my business and life coach for the past year and I cannot recommend her enough. She is a very professional and driven coach, knows how to establish rapport very quickly and guided me very subtly towards achieving my goals. She has a genuine ability to ask the tough questions in a very elegant way, to challenge your thinking and trigger actions.


- Coach: Alexandra Salomon

I really benefitted from the coaching. She is an excellent listener; attentive, present and patient. She created a safe space where I felt comfortable to explore the topics I brought to our coaching sessions, and she asked insightful questions at the right times, enabling me to find answers that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.


- Coach: Lia Rich

Malin is an extremely dedicated coach, who does not only listen to what you say, but also hears what you did not know you were saying. Her detailed knowledge about coaching tools, in combination with her brave coaching methods and demanding questions, has many times helped me find solutions to both personal and professional issues.


- Coach: Malin Lindbom

I’m in the process of getting my e-commerce business up and running. Done a ton of research, free webinars, etc and thought I had it all figured out. Been through all the ups and downs we entrepreneurs go through, feeling stuck, depressed and even discouraged when freelancers, or even family try to dissuade you from what you’re trying to accomplish. In just 10 minutes of speaking to Coach Ayana, not only was reassured what I was doing was worth it, but she helped give me clearly defined goals and actionable steps to take my business forward. Could not recommend it more!

S. James

- Coach: Ayana Onuora

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health, fitness and nutrition coaching

Could you be living a healthier lifestyle? Looking to make changes to your diet, or get back in shape? Then health coaching with ZenDays may well be for you. We have a wealth of expert nutritionists, personal trainers and qualified health coaches at your disposal to deliver the changes you would like to make in your life.

Whether you are looking to manage your weight more effectively, build a stronger and fitter body, or overcome your individual health challenges, a health coach can be a very effective tool.

Working with a ZenDays health coach can help you rediscover your wellbeing, become the strongest version of yourself, and develop the habits and skills you need to make your progress permanent. Reclaim your health and wellness with a ZenDays online coach today!