Everyone has days where they feel tired and lazy; like you could sleep the whole day and it still wouldn’t be enough. You may even feel this way despite regularly getting enough sleep and leading an active, healthy lifestyle. You may be in otherwise great shape and have done nothing to make you feel so exhausted. Yet your energy levels remain in the basement.

Beneath the surface, small imperfections in your daily routine may be throwing you off course. It has been shown that a sedentary, office-based and screen-focused lifestyle can deplete our energy levels and leave us feeling drained.

Why you have low energy levels

Inactivity often causes low energy levels. Your blood is pumping slowly in your veins, your body is in lazy mode, and you have no drive to get anything accomplished.

Poor food choices, such as sugary foods and drinks or excess caffeine, can also make you feel lethargic. Quick-release, quick-reward foods items will give you a short-term energy boost but then you will crash back down and feel even more fatigued.

How to increase your energy levels

To boost your energy, the food you eat needs to be nutritious and whole. There are some obvious substitutions you can make: bananas instead of chocolate, oily fish instead of processed meat, brown rice instead of white, adding more leafy green vegetables… most of us know the basics, yet still we struggle to put this into practice.

You can create a meal plan that includes foods to increase your energy levels with the help of your personal fitness and nutrition coach.

When it comes to exercise, you know that some routines will have you completely exhausted afterwards. When you are coming from a background of low energy levels, overtraining in this way is a danger that must be avoided. That completely beats the point if you’re trying to use exercise to boost energy and get more done.

Don’t go overboard with your fitness regimen. Create a routine that moves you towards your personal goals in a safe and effective way with a trained coach. Whether that’s striking a few yoga poses, advanced weights sessions or a short cardio workout. Build your body’s ability to retain energy in a sustainable way.

Gain great vitality with a fitness and nutrition coach to help you get the most out of your day. Get started with ZenDays Coaching today!

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