To build a stronger body, you need the right food, exercise, discipline and consistency. Anyone can join a gym and show up a couple of times a week, but not everyone has what it takes to get a functional, strong and capable body.

How to build a strong body

Have intentional workouts. Strength training is all about building muscle and increasing your strength. You will, therefore, need to have intense, full-body workouts that range from cardiovascular workouts to heavy weightlifting. You’ll need to mix high-repetition explosive work with heavy, low-repetition work. You’ll need to apply a consistent plan: one weekly visit to the gym won’t be effective at delivering results. Fitness coaching creates a plan that you can follow with step by step procedures to get to your ideal body weight, including how to incorporate more gym time into your life and how best to optimize the time you have there. Find your fitness coach here.

Eat correctly. To build a strong body requires a protein-rich diet with foods such as eggs, red meat and beans. As your exercise plan breaks your body down, you need to ensure your body has the tools it needs to build itself back up. Get guidance on the macronutrients you should be consuming and how best to get them (including the timing, quality and quantity) from your nutrition coach.

Eat more. If you are training for strength, your body will need more calories than it does currently in order to build muscle and gain size. When you’re trying to lose weight, you reduce your calorie intake and aim for deficit. To build muscle, you must target the opposite and increase your calorie intake. This shouldn’t have you eating junk food for each meal, however. Smart choices are still required for your body to remain lean and get all the nutrients it requires. Hamburgers and sodas are not a shortcut to success.

Rest. Muscle is built when you rest, not while you’re lifting weights. A great way to give your body time to do its magic is to exercise every other day, with regenerative training (flexibility and mobility drills) in between gym days. The same is true with sleep – getting enough is a key ingredient to any strength program.

Consistency. Once you have all the other factors down to a science, your consistency will ensure good results. That means no missed workouts or meals, and no deviating from your plan. The best way to build and maintain a strong body in the long term is to make your training plan fit your lifestyle, and to eat a healthy diet that you actually enjoy.

When you try to achieve your body goals alone, it becomes difficult. The lack of accountability may make you want to give up, sleep longer or postpone a few workouts. Personal training and fitness coaching pushes you towards your goals. You get encouragement along the way and you can celebrate your small wins while looking forward to the bigger ones.

No more easy excuses or missed training sessions. Your trainer will assist you to commit to building a stronger body. Learn more about yourself and your capabilities while strengthening your body with the help of a trainer.

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