What is your perfect body type? Is it tall, short, curvy, built, skinny? Whatever shape it is, modern society places an enormous amount of pressure on the average person to strive for it.

The constant pressure to look a certain way can leave many of us with feelings of inadequacy. Muffin tops, bingo wings, man boobs, love handles… Your self-esteem will suffer if you feel driven to try and achieve the image promoted by companies trying to market their products.

There is power in loving your appearance as it is. But how do you get there?

Building your self-image through fitness and nutrition programs

Address your insecurities. When you start a nutrition and fitness program, it allows you to acknowledge your insecurities. Understanding what you are uncomfortable with can enable you to start working towards improving those parts of you (or even just becoming more comfortable with them). For instance, if you have a burning desire to flatten your stomach, then you can build a workout plan with that intention and motivator.

Improve your attitude and resilience. A personal coach also helps you cultivate a positive attitude towards yourself. This happens over time. With their help, you can start to catch any negative, body-shaming thoughts and purposely replace them with better, more motivating words. You can remind yourself of the traits that make you attractive, how capable your body is, and slowly become more comfortable in your own skin.

Gain some independence in thought and action. Self-improvement through fitness and nutrition training also makes you more autonomous. You can start to focus on yourself, making it easier to block out the other messages from society that tell you to reach a certain size, to look a certain way. Set your own ideals that let you be proud of the way you are. Build confidence and familiarity with your body through training it.

Become a fit, healthy person while maintaining a high self-esteem through fitness training and nutrition programs. Take control of your body and your thoughts with a health and fitness coach.

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