Do you run out of breath from climbing just one set of stairs?

There was a time when you could practically be active all day, on your feet and on the go, and still have plenty of energy left at the end of the day. But, somewhere along the way, you lost your drive to be active and your fitness levels have slipped.

Not to worry. The first step to solving a problem is admitting and recognising that the problem exists. You are not at your best, but you can be, with the right effort and support.

How to rediscover your health

First, remember that health isn’t always physical. Your mental health is just as important. Good exercise, nutrition and lifestyles tackle both, freeing you to be all that you can.

To recover your well-being there are 3 areas you will need to focus on:

  1. Physical training

Exercise brings with it a raft of benefits. Working out has been proven to improve your mood, increase your mental agility and relieve your stress. Even just a quick walk in the open air can help to motivate you, increase your focus and leave you feeling great. Structured training, a targeted exercise programme which a set goal in mind, can amplify these effects.

  1. The food you eat

If working out improves your mood, focus and stress, poor food choices can have the opposite effect. Those potato crisps might look attractive, but they won’t do much for your health. Instead, a more nutritious diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods will set you up for success. And contrary to many people’s beliefs, eating healthy doesn’t mean having a salad every day. Struggling to get started? A quick and easy tip is to switch out your soft drinks for still water – you’ll consume an awful lot fewer calories and feel great as a consequence.

  1. Rest

Your rest is equally as important as exercising. You need to take the time to sleep, let your body relax and regenerate. Your body will thank you for it with better skin, more energy during the day and greater resistance to illness.


Putting it all together

Your wellbeing is not a simple issue. Exercise, nutrition and rest are key elements, and to help you on your journey you can let one of our accredited coaches take you through a fitness and nutrition programme. Get tailored advice and an actionable plan that will help you to reach your goals. Of course, for medical issues, a doctor is a better bet!

Keep the guesswork and procrastination away by signing up for a fitness and nutrition coach today. Own your journey to rediscovering your health.

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