Have you ever lost out on an opportunity because you didn’t speak up on time? Or turned down an invitation to a party because you were too scared to go? Low confidence and social anxiety are becoming more and more common; you are far from alone.

Occasionally, you may also have experienced wanting to feel more attractive, smarter or more capable. Negative thoughts may cross your mind, such as “I don’t deserve a good relationship”, “I’m too fat/too thin”, or “I’m not worthy”.

Everyone’s self-esteem takes a dip every once in a while. We all have moments where we doubt ourselves and our abilities. However, sometimes it can start to affect our lives in unhealthy way, leaving you feeling stagnant or depressed. You are unable to perform well in your job or school, you sabotage your relationships or let other people mistreat you.

Frustratingly, most of the advice from people that do not understand your situation may extend to “just put yourself out there”, or words to that effect. This can be a very lonely and isolating feeling. Reading books and articles on how to improve your self-worth can help, but without a support network behind you results are often hard to come by.

How the life coach will help

When you struggle with confidence, a life coach can be a tremendous help. They will widen your perspective and help you uncover your true strengths.

Life coaches will show you that you are worthy, not out of obligation as a friend or family member would do, but because they genuinely see it. Through continued work, you can slowly start to see it for yourself to with the counsel and guidance of your life coach.

Stop moving one step forward and five steps back when you encounter hardships in your life. There will always be setbacks and hard times, and these may trigger old feelings of negativity and low self-worth. However, your coach will help you work through your experiences and change your mindset – building your resilience and self-assurance.

Your coach understands that improving yourself isn’t always easy. Their goal is to make it easier for you and help you change how you view yourself. Create a mindset where you understand and believe in your capabilities. Get help in boosting your confidence from a certified life coach.

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