It is always challenging to break bad habits and create new ones. Stopping a bad habit means moving out of your comfort zone and depriving yourself of feelings of short-term reward. Establishing new habits takes courage, conviction and consistency – no matter how small.

You may be trying to stop smoking, for instance, but the feeling of calm it gives you makes a cigarette your solution of choice in times of stress. Perhaps the long hours you spend on social media feel gratifying in the moment, but leave you feeling empty inside once you put down your smartphone. It is the same story with junk food, television, exercise… the list goes on.

You know you want to change your habits, but the short-term gratification they give you makes it hard to actually put into practice. And the longer the habit, the harder it is to kick. Whatever your vices and whichever your struggle, you need a hefty dose of willpower to change a habit.

You might have tried to before, with books, articles or step-by-step guides. You may even start to make a change… But a day or a week into the new habit and you slip back to the old you. Getting help from a life coach will allow you to reach your goals.

Switching to Positive Routines with a Life Coach

Your life coach offers the most crucial factor in changing a routine: support.

With support from a coach, you become more consistent. You can no longer give yourself excuses about why you didn’t stick to a routine. Instead, you build up your discipline, and even when you’re craving chocolate cake, you will have an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Simply establish areas in your life that you want to change and how you want to change them. Find out what triggers you and how you will avoid it. Then create a schedule that lets you ease into the new routines and habits. Your life coach will help and support you on the way.

Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes. You can get the help you need to break a bad habit through life coaching. Be more consistent and accountable to your goals by hiring a coach, and stop falling back into old routines. Find your life coach here.

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