There are times when we can lose sight of who we are. The realities of daily life can trigger feelings of being lost and without purpose. Significant life events are often a root cause – breakups, bereavements and other traumas are the usual suspects.

For others, these feelings may accumulate and grow over time. Demanding careers, partners and families can lead to a loss of personal identity. As a result, you can find yourself with no clear direction, purpose or motivation to succeed in your endeavours.

Discovering who you are takes conscious effort. When you lose your sense of certainty over your life’s mission, your identity, your key goals, your weaknesses, your strengths… it is important to understand the root cause. A good place to start would be to examine any past traumas, shifting priorities and major changes to your personal circumstances. Life coaching can definitely help you with that.

Recovering your sense of identity is not a simple task. Without support, some people struggle with this for several years. However, if this resonates with you, it does not have to be this way.

How Life Coaching Helps

Admitting that you have lost your sense of identity is the first step towards regaining it. If you are reading this, you are already one step closer to rediscovering your authentic self.

Next, we would recommend working with a competent life coach that is both skilled and experienced. They will help you understand what is driving the issue, work through your issues and highlight any limiting beliefs that you need unlearn.

Self-development can play a big part in helping you to enjoy life, live more consciously and intentionally hold yourself to higher esteems. It can help you understand and celebrate what makes you unique, and help you find your authentic self. Start working with a life coach and experience the benefits for yourself.

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