Amy Dudley (Meditation)

Tap into your internal power with guided meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool. In these sessions we enter the subconscious part of our mind and allow our brain waves to slow down. By focusing on this area we can re-programme our limiting beliefs and behavior patterns.

As well as being a spiritual healer, Amy is also qualified in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and she will tailor your meditation sessions to suit your preferences. Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or totally new to meditation – together with Amy you will find a style that’s suited to you and your needs.

These sessions are perfect for ZenDays members interested in learning how to tap into their own internal power.

About Your Coach

Amy is a wellness coach specializing in the areas of meditation and Reiki healing. Based in Sri Lanka, she offers online guided sessions to clients all over the world. Before venturing into coaching, Amy was a professional in the city of London. Coming from a intensely busy office/city background, she is well-placed to understand the stresses that come with this lifestyle.

Having successfully turned to meditation to relieve her own stress and anxiety, she now follows her life purpose of helping others to achieve their ZEN. After using it to understand the power of her own mind, Amy is passionate about the positive impact meditation can have on anyone that is willing to practice it. She is convinced that learning how to harness this power can change your life, and is there to help you on that journey.

1 review

  1. An interesting first step into meditation for me

    Amy clearly knows her topic and her session really helped me begin to understand how meditation can help me in the future. I look forward to exploring further

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