Alexandra Salomon

Helping you to get un-stuck from unhelpful habits in life and work

Are you overwhelmed by the dozens of responsibilities you face at work? Do you feel you are not progressing in your life? Perhaps you simply don’t know how to figure things out and are looking for direction?

Alex helps you to get un-stuck.

If there were a miraculous way to instantly resolve our struggles, clear our doubts, and become the way we want to be, then you wouldn’t be here now.

Alex believes that change does not have to be hard – if you have the right will and determination, then half the battle is won already. You will get un-stuck and change, but only if you decide so. And it is far easier to ignite change with the support of someone that you don’t know.

She likes to see coaching as rock climbing. You are the climber, aiming for the goals and change that you wish to reach, and the coach is your climbing partner, who’ll guide you along your journey to the summit, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to set and start your climb, and then follow your progress to reach the top.

In her coaching, Alex uses techniques from several modalities in which she is a certified practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming and ICI Coaching). She developed her coaching style based on her own experiences and observations, which is based on 3 crucial steps: 1. Reset (from overwhelmed and stuck to self-aware), 2. Start (from self-aware to self-drive), 3. Achieve (from self-driven to committed).

About Your Coach

Alex has 10+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing, and originally came from a scientific background. She holds Master’s Degrees in Molecular and Cellular Biology and in Marketing of Biotechnologies. Professionally, she spent most of her career as a senior leader in the Pharmaceutical industry in France, the Pacific Islands and in New Zealand, where she acquired extensive experience in Sales Team management, People Management and Project Management.

Alex lived in five countries and moved home twice as much. She now lives in the sunny island of Malta. You’ll be sure you are speaking with Alex when you hear her French accent with some notes of Italian and Maltese.

She has always been very interested about psychology and communication, and five years ago, trained to become an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, and also qualified as an accredited Coach with the International Association of Coaching Institute. She used her skills in NLP and Coaching extensively while still working in Pharma to develop herself and her teams. Yet, she felt stuck. Stuck in her overwhelming business life, trapped under tasks and responsibilities, in need for change without yet being able to grasp it.

After completing her NLP Master Practitioner Certificate, she strengthened her understanding about her own insecurities in her relationships by doing some deep work on herself and developed her own strategies to tame those feelings. It revealed her desire to work in the personal development field, and she decided to leave the corporate world to focus on what she loved the most.

After moving back to Europe a couple of years ago, Alex is now working independently as a Consultant, Life Coach and Trainer to support people in their personal and professional journeys. She has developed her one-on-one Coaching methods over the past years, and worked with individuals as well as professionals including Senior Managers and CEOs in various industries such as Real Estate, e-commerce, Fitness, Pharma and Cosmetics.

She has coached people from all over the world, from people struggling to find purpose and with a profound lack of self-confidence, to people trapped in toxic relationships that do not know where to turn. Alex has helped them to regain confidence and get un-stuck to move forward, and would love to be able to do the same with you.

2 reviews

  1. Highly recommended

    Alex has been working with me as my life and business coach. Two years ago I was always busy, had never enough time for myself, caught between the pressure of my career and the need to improve aspects of my personal life and especially my health. I thought it was about time to do something to help re-programme the way I thought, the way I lived, to simply get more out of life.
    Towards the end of 2016, Alex took me up on a journey to help me slow down, to pause and breath, to re-prioritize things in my life, in order to appreciate and get more out of each day, both personally and professionally.
    Alex truly helped me to head in the direction that was right for me: I recovered a sense of work-life balance, especially managing to get a new professional orientation, performing a lot more at work, while being able to spend more time with those I love.
    Alex is awesome, extremely personable and calming, very clear and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend working with Alex.

  2. Very professional

    Alexandra has been my business and life coach for the past year and I cannot recommend her enough.
    She is a very professional and driven coach, she knows how to establish rapport very quickly and guided me very subtly towards achieving my goals. She has a genuine ability to ask the tough questions in a very elegant way, to challenge your thinking and trigger actions. Alex is a very sensitive person who intuitively help you to see what direction to head to through your own eyes. I have progressed heaps following each of our sessions, and improved considerably my self-confidence at work and personally. Thank you!

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