Ana Sokolovic

Understand yourself and overcome your challenges

Ana believes that coaching is a collaboration. It is a co-creative process in which the coach and the client are partners, working together to find the optimal solution for your current challenges.

Whilst offering experience and expertise as a coaching, Ana encourages you to be accountable and in control of your own journey. She will not assume that she knows more about you tor your personal circumstances. Instead, she will devotedly listen, ask relevant questions, check for understanding, invite you to join her in the exploration of viable alternatives and pick the one worth testing. She will support you in evaluating the outcomes of your behaviours, and help you refine your strategy and approach to life. Each stage of the coaching process is intertwined with work on self-understanding and increasing awareness of each person’s unique needs and preferences.

Coaching with Ana starts with understanding of the present challenge and the context in which it has emerged. Ana will look into where you currently are at and the directions into which you intend to go. Together, you explore the opportunities for enhancement and growth, practice and track progress, learn from experience and revise strategies. Ana will help you to expand your understanding of the mental obstacles on your path of growth, identify patterns of interfering or counterproductive behaviors, grow your support system, build resilience and confidence to overcome challenges.

To support and guide you along your journey, Ana uses a variety of techniques and approaches to match your unique circumstances. A decade of training in psychology, psychotherapy and counselling along with years of experience in working with clients from all over the globe have allowed her to get the knowledge and skills to provide the right guidance and support.

In between your sessions Ana will plan different mini-projects that further explore or test the hypotheses, insights and opportunities that she would have talked about with you during the 1:1 sessions.

Ana takes it as her professional and ethical responsibility to continue investing in her own education and personal growth so that she can continue to be a reliable resource for her clients. In her approach she uses theory and techniques from Constructive Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching, and also Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, CBT/REBT, Art therapy, Mindfulness and other personal/professional growth frameworks that can facilitate the process.

About Your Coach

Ana’s experience is diverse. Over her years, she has supported clients through a wide variety of challenges and goals: increasing productivity at work; building new habits; burnout and anxiety; deepening self-understanding; improving relationships with others; building self-confidence; finding a better work-life balance; managing major life transitions.

Ana believes in personalising her approach to each client. The foundation of the coaching process is the relationship she builds with you, encouraging you to feel comfortable and confident exploring solutions without fear or judgement.

To be chosen as someone’s coach is a privilege she takes seriously and with gratitude. She approaches it with devotion and compassion. Ana’s other passions include travel, running half-marathons and hiking in the beautiful parts of the planet. Art is an important part of her life – whether it is through creative writing, reading, painting or pottery, she finds it to be an infinite source of inspiration. As someone who finds purpose in the relationships she builds with her coaching clients, Ana also ensures she nurtures the relationship she has with herself as an individual.

Ana has a BA and MA in Clinical and Applied Psychology and has a certification in
Constructive Psychotherapy and Counselling (SCA/EPCA) obtained after five years of training in alignment with the standards set by the European Association of Psychotherapy.

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