Ayana Onuora

Mindfulness techniques and career guidance for entrepreneurs and professionals

Ayana is a highly transformative business and mindfulness coach. She uses traditional, results-proven coaching methods and mindfulness techniques to help her clients overcome a range of issues. These include: clearing mental fog, improving focus, overcoming feeling overwhelmed, moving past procrastination, increasing productivity, managing stress, rediscovering satisfaction and living a happier life.

Business coaching : Ayana’s business coaching specializes in start-ups; those who have an idea and need a road map to guide them through testing the viability of their idea to finding their first client.
Ayana helps others to see the possibilities before them, clearly define goals, produce actionable steps to move forward and a find a high level of accountability.

Mindfulness coaching : Mindfulness techniques (mediation, breathing, yoga & visualization) are utilized to help clients overcome feelings of overwhelm, push past procrastination, manage and eliminate stress, decrease burnout, develop mindful habits to enjoy more peace, increase feelings of satisfaction, rediscover self-compassion and live a happier life.

About Your Coach

With first hand experience and knowledge of what happens when an entrepreneurial spirit is stifled, ideas and passion projects buried, leads to discord in all aspects of his or her life; Ayana transitioned to full-time coaching. Previously, Ayana successfully contributed to the corporate world in a number of roles. Having found herself (more than once) on the verge of suicide, with a dislike for pharmaceutical medications, she began to explore alternative ways to not simply exist but to find her purpose, passion, an appreciation for life, joy and peace.
Business and mindfulness coaching is where she has found her passion and purpose collided. At the core of her coaching is helping people transition from their current situation to their desired self, by utilizing mindfulness techniques.
Ayana has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from The Open University, M.B.A. in Business Administration (with honours) from the University of Liverpool and is a certified RYT-200 Yoga Instructor.
Ayana has lived in Jamaica, England, Japan and now the United States and has had careers in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. For fun, Ayana enjoys travelling (30 countries to date), volunteering, dancing, yoga, hiking, running, and spending quality time with family, friends and herself.

3 reviews

  1. I recommend coach Ayana!

    My main challenge before was to understand the benefits of an LLC and how to register my business. Not only did Ayana give me clarity she went the extra mile and walked me through the process. Now I have a up and running company with my business license in hand! When I was a teen a great mentor told me “I’m successful because I have a coach”. That stuck with me; if you want to get it done I would recommend Ayana!

  2. Very professional

    My main coaching with Ayana was valuable because I got clarity around LLC & Sole proprietor and also the next steps take. The information was clear, concise and specific to my business. The experience exceeded my expectation because you that really broke down the differences, very professional. THANK YOU!
    You are so knowledgeable I appreciate you & your troubleshooting advice. I appreciate your first-hand experience and your willingness to share how you manage & setup your own business. Yes I would absolutely recommend Ayana!

  3. Looking forward to our next chat!

    I’m in the process of getting my e-commerce business up and running. Done a ton of research, free webinars, etc and thought I had it all figured out. Been through all the ups and downs we entrepreneurs go through, feeling stuck, depressed and even discouraged when freelancers, or even family try to dissuade you from what you’re trying to accomplish. In just 10 minutes of speaking to Coach Ayana, not only was reassured what I was doing was worth it, but she helped give me clearly defined goals and actionable steps to take my business forward. Even suggested practical product upsells and services to help me scale! Could not recommend her more! Forever looking forward to our next chat!!

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