Barry Lavi

Change your habits and build a healthier lifestyle

Barry is here to help anyone who is seeking some form of a positive change in life. In other words, his goal is to help you achieve your personal goals. This could vary from losing weight or gaining muscle to finding a suitable career path, improving your love or social life, and dealing with a hostile environment. Furthermore, he believes that all these areas are widely interconnected, and that you can achieve all of them with the right approach. It takes time, patience, dedication, self-love and self-belief. His coaching is based on both dedicated studying and practical experience. Barry believes in the psychological phenomenon “the law of habit”: which means that as soon as you start practicing something and repeat it with dedication, it becomes a part of you, and eventually your lifestyle. Together, he wants to practice healthy habits with you, for you to become the best version of yourself. You need to believe in yourself and the process, and never forget your goal and where you are going. And that is also what Barry is here for: every driver needs a GPS occasionally, and a coach is your GPS while you are starting your journey towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

About Your Coach

Barry holds a degree in psychology and neuroscience and is currently completing his master’s in clinical neuropsychology. In addition, he is a certified personal trainer and self-defense instructor. He has an experience of multiple years, coaching clients and bringing them closer to their personal goals according to their own desires. He describes this job as the one he enjoyed the most during his career, as seeing progress and improvement within a client is the most fulfilling experience he has had. Barry is empathetic, patient, and most of all – he believes in you!

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  1. Skillful and professional

    I had intensive lessons from Barry for a long time. Super satisfied, Barry is very skilled and professional. Adapts well to the person, is a pleasant coach. Explains well, is patient. Really recommended!

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