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Life can be so wonderfully grand and so incredibly difficult – sometimes all in one day! So it’s not surprising when at times we find ourselves feeling stuck, unmotivated and questioning our career, our relationships and our lives in general – often feeling totally disconnected from what we really want and who we really are.

Candice’s training was heavily influenced by psychological theory, however her approach centres on empowering the client to determine the results they are looking for. No two coaching sessions will therefore be the same. It is through effective partnership that coaching with Candice leads to the most powerful breakthroughs.

Her primary specialism and areas of interest are relationships in all their forms, from intimate partners and friends to relationships with the self. Candice is also an effective career coach.

Candice may employ different coaching tools to support the session, however these are determined by what the you bring to the session as an objective and what will add the most value to your journey.

About Your Coach

From an early age, Candice knew that she was destined to work in mental health and development. As someone with a rich life experience and a career spanning three continents, Candice feels that she is in a privileged position to add meaningful value to those around her.

Her explorations took her overseas, living and working in the UK, the USA, Switzerland and all across her native South Africa. An entrepreneur at heart, in 2010 she created her own business, eventually selling it on 8 years later. She describes this as a tremendous learning and development experience that further increases the insight she can offer with her coaching.

Candice’s passion, however, remains in human relationships. She may describe how her heart has been broken, mended and broken again more times than she can remember; by intimate partners, by friends, by family and probably most profoundly, by herself.

Coaching is the way she chooses to consolidate her innate skills and her experiences. She is dedicated to partnering with clients to create growth, momentum and happiness in their lives, in whatever form this may take.

She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, with whom she holds an ACC-level credential.

4 reviews

  1. Candice's life-coaching forever changed my relationship with myself.

    Candice was my life coach in 2019 which was a deeply profound year on my journey of self development!

    From the moment we met I felt completely comfortable sharing with her and so began a journey of self-healing under her guidance. Candice creates a space that feels warm and hopeful making it easy to open up. This sense of safety has been so crucial when facing up to all the parts of myself I’d like to work on.

    The principle of life coaching works really well for me – as the client I bring the thoughts, problems, questions, worries, or fears to the table and Candice listens. It has been so empowering to feel like I’m really being listened to, and heard, without any judgement. This empowerment has helped me realise that I already have a lot of the inner strength to resolve, improve and change many aspects of my own life.

    Candice has a great instinct for knowing when I can’t get to the answers on my own and is able to gently nudge me in the right direction with simple questions, or more profound advice and guidance.

    Working with Candice has filled my notebooks and journals with an immense amount of healing, self-awareness and gratitude. I am deeply grateful for our by-chance meeting and all the work we’ve done together so far. I hope to pay forward some of the life-altering lessons I’ve learned from Candice, as I continue to grow in this new light.

    Thank you for everything Candice, may your future as a Life Coach continue to grow brighter and deeper with every passing day

  2. Life and business coaching and essential part of success!

    Candice has been part of my journey for two years now. Her coaching has helped me to see a clearer path in front of me. She is empathic, supportive and caring, and gives you space to think and reflect on the best way forward.

    I connected with Candice from the start, it was easy for me to think in her presence and put in place new ideas and plans of action.

    I recommend Candice highly to anyone needing, support, life coaching and business coaching. Her experience and personality are the perfect combinations for a successful outcome.

    Thank you, Candice, for being part of my journey.

  3. Empowering and authentic coaching experience

    Candice provides a wonderfully relatable and relaxed coaching experience through her calm, professional yet highly authentic style. She has a gift of quickly and gently sifting through the noise to get to the sticking points. Her incisive questions are balanced with space to think, and by using life experience, situations are reframed and new perspectives are revealed. I found myself taking away gems of wisdom that I truly connected with and that continue to provide value and meaning to me on a daily basis.

  4. I Highly Recommend Candice!

    I met Candice after finding myself at a cross-road in my life. I was struggling to navigate my options and take positive steps forward. Her guided questions caused me to carefully consider my internal struggles and she assisted in mapping a road forward.

    Each session feels very productive and worthy. Working with Candice is easy, it is a warm environment and I feel understood, and challenged at the same time.

    This allows me to accept myself, to become my own friend and apply changes in my life through self-encouragement rather then self-pressure or judgement. I have explored my personal values and started integrating them in my life with the aim of balance and fulfilment.

    Candice has shown me that even through these uncertain times of COVID19, we can choose our own thoughts and plot a path of peaceful productivity and success.

    I can’t recommend her more highly.

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