Daniela Nemirovsky

Own your story with a seasoned psychotherapist and coach

Daniela is trained in Onthological Coaching, which has a deeply transformational approach. Her role as a coach is not to give her clients advice, counsel or judge them; she enables them to see the tools that they have to expand their possibilities, to ask them questions that might make them see things differently. Humans are the only animals that tell stories, and those stories we tell ourselves can have practical applications in our lives. Daniela is here to help her clients to see their story in a different light that opens up new worlds for them.

In her sessions, Daniela agrees on what specific topic you will want to work on during each session. The focus is on creating changes in your “way of being”. This is a dynamic process of continued evolution in three domains: language, emotions and body. Daniela’s coaching tends to focus on each of this three elements. They are not independent, so by shifting something in one, the other two will unavoidably change. At the end of each session, Daniela and you will evaluate your learnings and insights, before defining a specific action plan to continue the process.

Daniela is adept and experienced at managing issues relating to relationships, career, emotions, addiction and life coaching.

About Your Coach

Daniela loves stories in every shape and form: listening to them, and helping people to own their own.

Daniela speaks English and Spanish. She studied at the University of Buenos Aires and graduated with honours as a psychotherapist in 2010. For the past seven years she has also worked at a psychiatric clinic with acute inpatients, both roles she takes with great responsibility. She is thankful for her patients and clients that choose to share their stories with her.

In 2019 she decided to get certified as a coach, studying at the Argentinian school of NLP and Coaching, and finished an ACTP program, following ICF standards. She now carries out both psychotherapy and coaching sessions, depending on the clients’ request and her assessment of the best approach for the issue at hand.

In her free time she enjoys photography, creative writing, reading fiction, practicing yoga and seeing her loved ones.

4 reviews

  1. Great!

    A knowledgeable psychotherapist

  2. Very professional

    When I remember the conversations I had with Daniela as a Coach, I can’t help but think of them as a pleasant walk. The shapes of the road would change with the nature of our conversation. However, the feeling of fellowship Daniela provided me was always a constant. Her presence, the warmth of her words, the tone of her voice, her respect for my times of reflection and her empathy while listening, where more than enough motive to recurrently choose her as my coach. And the results are on plain sight, today I can say I have a different view of the topics I worked with her, I was able to ask for help (something that was almost impossible for me) and continue to work in much deeper issues.
    Through the last few years I met many coaches, however, few are the ones I would choose to have new conversations with, and without a doubt, Daniela is one of them.

  3. Empathetic

    Daniela has shown to be empathic above all.
    I felt protected at all times and felt free to share with her intimate aspects of my personal life. She helped me realize that I can feel, act and even BE different than what I thought.

  4. Very helpful

    I worked with Daniela for a few months. At first I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted out of our work together, I only knew I needed a change. I can definitely say that our work together was a success, as I now have a clearer view of what I want and have found my own tools to manage issues and emotions that may arise. I always felt deeply listened and seen, as If she saw me better than I saw myself. She is deeply empathetic; she has a way of asking tough questions in the sweetest way possible, making it easier for me to process it. I know I can go to her again if I need to, but our work provided me with tools that will last a lifetime, I will forever be thankful for that.

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