Emma Matthews

Career coaching and stress management for high achievers

Emma is a specialist in career coaching and stress management coaching.

Stress coaching

Emma believes that when  you are aiming high, and working hard to achieve the success you desire, that can create a lot of negative stress. It doesn’t need to. Stress is often seen as the price people have to pay for success, career progression and/or to run a successful business. But too much stress is counterproductive and can really impact your performance.

Emma identifies the stresses her clients are experiencing in their life and helps them to make the changes that are within their control to make.

Through this process her clients :

  • Better understand the root cause of their stress; not just the symptoms

  • Create and work through action plans to reduce or completely get rid of the key sources of their stress

  • Learn specific techniques to manage stress – both in the moment and for the long term

  • Develop a mindset that will stop unhealthy levels of stress coming into their life

Career coaching

Emma helps her clients to find clarity on their career direction whether that is through completely changing career direction, developing skills, reaching their potential within their existing organisation or stepping out into the entrepreneurial world.

Having taken this step herself, Emma is able to apply her experiences and guide her clients down the right paths that lead to success.

About Your Coach

Emma comes from a senior corporate background in Financial Services where she coached and worked alongside C-suite executives.

Nothing fulfils her more than seeing others achieving more than they ever thought was possible. During her career she  has coached many individuals and teams, enabling them to get clarity on their goals and become high performers.

Having experienced a serious burnout during her career, she took stock and reassessed her goals, and decided that the next phase of her life would focus on setting up her own business and focusing full-time on assisting others to reach their goals.

Her success as a coach has created the time and location freedom that she was not able to have during her corporate career. She now spends her time helping others better define and understand their goals, holding them to account as they work through them and celebrating lots of success along the way.

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