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A deep, rounded review of your life's direction

Lia’s coaching approach is a truly holistic one. This means treating you as a whole (physically, socially, and mentally) enabling you to gain greater self-awareness and appreciation for your health. Unlike other coaching approaches, holistic coaching allows for deeper exploration and understanding of emotional issues that are holding you back, as well as looking at the bigger picture: your life as a whole. For you to get the most out of the coaching, and for this to be the best fit, you would also have a similar view of your life.

Holistic Coaching is person-centred and guided by the belief that you are capable of the change you want. That being said, the aim of these sessions is not to tell you what to do, rather, to provide an objective discussion providing the tools and support for you to implement change yourself.

Psychological and sociological theories are used together which creates a unique knowledge base used to empower you to confidently face difficult challenges throughout the course of your work with Lia. Some people want to be nurtured and spend more time exploring their thoughts and feelings, while others may want to be challenged. Lia works in both capacities and tailors a plan focused on your individual course of action. Lia’s clients say they leave coaching feeling empowered, focused, and listened to.

About Your Coach

Always having been fascinated with the human mind and how others interact in wider society, Lia holds degrees in Psychology, Social Work, and Transformational Coaching. She is also an International Coaching Federation member and a Wellness HQ contributor. One common factor she has seen throughout her working experience has been the need for a holistic approach to one’s wellbeing. Her expertise lies in balancing the mental, social, and physical wellbeing of her clients so they can reach an enhanced state of wellbeing.

A qualified and capable coach, Lia’s high level of knowledge and experience has helped many people fufil their goals and rediscover their well-being.

Lia’s sessions can be delivered either online or in person, according to preference. She is based in North-East London.

9 reviews

  1. Insightful

    I really benefited from her coaching. She is an excellent listener; attentive, present and patient. She created a safe space where I felt comfortable to explore the topics I brought to our coaching sessions, and she asked insightful questions at the right times, enabling me to find answers that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. I can therefore happily recommend her coaching services.

  2. Truly recommended

    I can truly recommend Lia. She allows you space to reflect on what’s going on in your life. This is extremely important, as I have experienced coaches who want to fix you and they keep ‘butting in’. This disrupts your own ‘train of thought and gut feelings’. I really like the way Lia encourages you to be independent in your decision. She does not tell you what to do but questions you in such a way that somehow you are able to work them out yourself. Sometimes I’d get the answer deep within me, during the session or the decision would come to me during the week. It was amazing and magical. I never felt judged or uncomfortable with Lia. I could tell her everything and I even questioned my life out loud and she never answered me. She just questioned me in such a deep way. At the end of each session I always felt as if a heavy load had been taken off my head!!! I felt like I’d been to an expensive spa!!

  3. A safe space

    I‘m delighted with the coaching! Lia radiates a calming presence, and I felt she was instantly welcoming. As a result I didn’t feel I needed to censor what I said in our meetings. She creates a safe space without interrupting giving time to express my fears, while also challenging my assumptions. This made me think deeply about situations in my professional and personal life propelling me forward towards my goals. As the sessions progressed issues affecting my self-esteem, life work balance and ability to be authentic were resolved reducing my stress levels. I was able to focus and take myself away from the chaos of modern living.

  4. I am deeply grateful

    Lia asked powerful questions that really made me think. As a result of our coaching l am much more focused and motivated. Lia also gave me the space to explore a family issue that was painful, which was very healing. I have found some things (attending a hiking group and coaching group) that l am passionate about, both of which are wonderful and tick a lot of boxes for me. With each passing week l had goals and step-by-step Lia guided me to take action. l also came up with a plan to start my own business. I am excited and energised and in a totally higher vibration than when l started the sessions. I have achieved some of my goals through the coaching and l am deeply grateful. My belief in me has grown and l am looking forward to my future.

  5. Helped me

    Lia was helpful to ponder my options and help me through challenging questions.

  6. Helpful

    I thought the life coaching was great. Upon reflection, I felt it helped me narrow down what I was concerned with. Also, hearing my concerns and solutions mirrored back to me from an objective standpoint really helped with feeling validated and that no matter what, things will be okay.

  7. Very grateful for Lia's help

    I was stuck in a toxic and unfulfilling relationship. I was only staying in it because of the security and safety I thought it gave me and the crippling fear of being alone. I had no idea if coaching would be of help or not as I did not know Lia at this point. The coaching process was really helpful to clarify what was going on and what I needed to do to change things. I saw that I wanted to be empowered and that meant facing my fear of leaving the relationship. I’m very grateful for Lia’s help and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

  8. Expert listener

    It was my first experience with life coaching and my experience with Lia was amazing. It has not been possible without her. Lia is very compassionate, understanding and an expert listener. She knew what questions to ask and how to find out the root of the issues. I got the necessary courage to face my fears. Lia has made it possible for me to walk on the road of continuous improvement. The exact thing that I was looking for from our sessions was non-judgmental listening. She has given me more than that. Thank you very much.

  9. Productive and helpful!

    Lia has given me a really good and thorough introduction to what life coaching involves and made me feel comfortable enough to be open about all areas of my life. She was a reassuring and friendly presence and I would thoroughly recommend her as a life coach as I found the sessions to be productive and helpful!

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