Vanja Zikic

1-to-1 sessions with a psychologist coach

We all experience moments of uncertainty and difficulty in our lives. Personal and professional challenges can leave us feeling lost, overwhelmed or that something is “missing”. Working with a life coach can help you better define the issues you face, move past the confusion and find your balance again.

These sessions are delivered in one-hour blocks. Your coach, Vanja, will work with you to better understand your individual challenges, help you tune in to your inner wisdom, and make a step-by-step plan on how to re-establish harmonious life. A minimum of 6 sessions are recommended for effective results.

About Your Coach

Vanja is an expert in the field of psychology, and she practices what she preaches. She holds an MA in clinical psychology and also works as a counsellor and body psychotherapist. Her approach is holistic and client-directed, and she prefers to emphasise the “here and now” experience with her coaching clients.

Vanja delivers online 1-to-1 sessions to international clients from her mountain home in rural Serbia. Her life there allows her to constantly learn from the healing powers of Nature, and this connection to the world around us plays an important part in her sessions.

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  1. Vanja's love for her work has no boundaries

    Vanja’s love for her work has no boundaries

  2. Great!


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