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The unique approach of a nutrionist, weight-management expert and licenced hypotherapist

Many people think that hypnotherapy is what they’ve seen on TV or in films – where someone is manipulated or ‘controlled’ into doing something that goes against their values or embarrassing themselves by believing they’re naked or running around like a chicken. It makes great entertainment but that’s not what hypnotherapy is about.

Hypnotherapy – hypnosis with a health-related focus – can be a very effective way to help people achieve the goals that are important to them, to unstick unhelpful habits or beliefs, and to help them become the best version of themselves.

Hypnotherapy is a safe state of relaxed awareness – just like we drift into when daydreaming, driving, or ‘zoning out’. In this state, our brain and breathing settles and slows, and the subconscious mind becomes open to different ways of thinking.

I use hypnotherapy to help you re-connect with You, to help you to breakthrough any blocks to your progress, and to learn to trust your body’s messages. Far from being in control of you, I am simply a facilitator, enabling you to re-learn the innate behaviours that have been lost, forgotten or put aside.

During a hypnotherapy session, you are guided by my voice into a deep state of focused relaxation and, once there, I make the positive suggestions we have agreed beforehand. I then guide you back into a consciously connected state, ready to re-engage with your world. You remain in control at all times and can leave the state whenever you choose. If your eyes have been closed, you can open them when you like. You can even move around and shift position at will. We go at your pace, ensuring that you feel comfortable and safe at all times.

About Your Coach


“I passionately believe that understanding the influence your food and life choices have on how you feel, look and behave is a key first step in becoming, and staying, healthier.”

I still remember the conversation, more than 25 years ago, that started me on the path that brought me here. Feeling fat, frumpy and miserable in my own skin, a chance remark about acceptance or change lead me to take That First Step. Maybe the one you’re contemplating now.

Like many people dissatisfied with their weight or shape, I joined a commercial weight loss programme. Not surprisingly, I had my ups and downs, but eventually I reached my new goal weight (yay!). What was surprising was that the weight stayed off, especially when, for many people, weight loss is often followed by weight re-gain.

So how did I succeed where so many others didn’t?
I’d love to say I found a magic pill, or the “secret Ingredient” but it’s simpler than that – I didn’t go back to my old food choice habits. I made changes that stuck so that, once I stopped following the diet, I could keep the weight off. Even after 25 years, two children, some health challenges and perimenopause.

I learned a lot on my path to happier eating, becoming a registered nutritional therapist with a special interest in weight management. But experience showed me that changing some habits can be really tricky, no matter how much information we have or how hard we try, and I qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy to help you dismantle those unconscious barriers to change. Subtly and stealthily. A bit like a ninja.

On my path, personal and professional, I’ve learned that making changes – especially to what, how and when we eat – can be messy. Like a scary rollercoaster, there may be moments of anxiety or uncertainty, especially just before the ride starts. But there can also be a sense of euphoria when the ride is over (and we can’t wait to do it again but bigger and bolder). We reach that tipping point, where change becomes thrilling, we love experiencing the positive results. We might even become Unstoppable.

Changing our approach to food and eating can be just as challenging, especially when taking a leap of faith, stepping away from “diets” and following your own path. But, if what you’ve been doing, or dreading having to do (again), isn’t serving you well, then why keep on doing it?

Yes, change can be scary. But, just like that rollercoaster, it can be thrilling, rewarding and, for some people ever so slightly wonderful as they realise the power of their body and mind to evolve and transform. And, like the rollercoaster, some people don’t want the ride to end – they become Unstoppable.

My approach is simple and practical with no deprivation, guilt, or calorie-counting. And absolutely no scariness. Well, not much. And I’ll hold your hand all the way. Yes, combining nutrition and hypnotherapy may be different but, if the same old tired approach isn’t working, maybe it’s time for something new.

Sabra is neither a medical doctor nor chartered psychologist. The opinions and guidance shown here are not intended to replace the services of medically trained professionals. If you have any health issues you are advised to speak to your GP. For more information go to

Note: 2 credits are required to book 1 session with Sabra. Please ensure you consider this before signing up to your plan.

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  1. Relaxing and re-affirming. Almost out-of-body experience. To be tried

    I had a session with Sabra to work on my stress levels. She managed to calm my mind and take me to a place of tranquility. Almost like an out-of-body experience. She says she is a weight management specialist and nutritionist, that happens to use hypnotherapy as a treatment method. While I can’t speak for the weight management side of her work, the hynposis was really beneficial to me. I appreciate her flexibility in adapting her approach to my stress issue and look forward to continuing the sessions. Thanks Sabra

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