Ivana Savic

Improve your relationships, understand your behaviours and overcome your challenges

Ivana is a coach and counsellor for individuals, couples and families that are looking to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Many people approach challenges and problems in life by applying what worked for them in previous situations. This is the natural and logical approach. However, through Ivana’s coaching process,  you can begin to understand your behaviour patterns and relationships more clearly. This will help you to take smarter decisions. Self-awareness allows us to remove toxic behaviours and habits, and focus on our true strengths, skills and abilities.

As a systemic coach, Ivana specializes in working with people who are struggling in personal and business relationships. We live our lives through relationships – they are the basis that gives us energy, motivation, and the will to move on and to heal. Ivana is devoted to building trusting and safe relationships with her clients, and does this  through a combination of analysis and practical approach. Her main areas of focus are communication with others, emotional intelligence, improved understanding of words and feelings, changing interaction habits and behaviour patterns, and optimizing the client’s decision-making process.

For Ivana, being a stress management coach means uncovering the root cause of an individual’s stress, considering that stress can emerge from many places and have different meanings for all of us. Effective stress management teaches us techniques that are also applicable in a great many other areas of daily life.

About Your Coach

Going through unexpected changes, struggles and problems in life is never easy, and without the right support it can feel impossible at times. Ivana encourages you to use her sessions as a safe place and a helping hand to get you through the challenges you face. She will both respect you and challenge you to change the way you perceive situations, in order to help you identify new and better solutions to your problems.

Ivana has been working for many years now as a coach and counsellor, with individuals, couples and families. Her journey began with her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology at the University of Belgrade, and deepened when she qualified as a systemic coach and counsellor (European Association for Systemic Therapists).  She is passionate about self-development and is still pursuing her educations – currently, she is pursuing further programs related to traumatic experiences, addictions, stress and family struggles.

In her own words:

“Even if it is hard for you to imagine at the moment that you can feel and live better, I can assure you that it is possible. If you need someone to talk with, to share with, to support and to guide you, I’ll be very pleased to meet you.”

3 reviews

  1. Sessions that deliver!

    Coaching helps me a lot to deal with my anxiety, insecurities and a lack of confidence. If I knew that before I would start with coaching much earlier but I was scared to even talk about my issues with anyone. In each session I see and feel how I get unstuck. And I keep getting unstuck all the time. Thank you!

  2. The fuel I needed

    I thought that I was weak if I have to seek help to deal with my problems, but talking with you was invaluable thing for me, in my life, to see things in new ways and to change what was needed to be changed there. Now, I feel better, different, stronger and encouraged. And that’s the fuel I needed.

  3. A saviour

    After our relationship started to get worse and worse, my addictions became more powerful, I had no other option but to find someone to help us, and Ivana has been our coach, mentor, shoulder to cry on, eye-opener, you’ve been so much to us all this time. We’re growing and we now not only hope or know we can do it, but with your help we’re doing it!

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