Juliana Tamayo

Improve your health and overcome illness

Juliana specializes in coaching clients who are struggling to lose weight and adhere to diet plans. She has counselled patients suffering from chronic illnesses, ranging from diabetes, to cancer, and anorexia. Juliana believes that effective coaching is key in achieving change, which is why initially she will perform a nutritional and lifestyle assessment before reaching an agreement with you on what initial goals are most important. Every session she will listen to your concerns and make adjustments to your nutrition plan, goals, and will help you solve whatever problems you are facing. Juliana is particularly skilled in emotional counselling and chronic illness counselling. These two are often connected and affect the way we treat our bodies, especially the choices we make regarding health and nutrition.

About Your Coach

Juliana has a background in journalism and creative writing, but when life threw her a curve ball and she became critically ill, she realized how nutrition could help save her life. Because she is chronically ill, she understands the importance of listening and making choices that are individual to her client’s situation. She was born and raised in Colombia, but traveled the world with her parents from a young age, so she appreciates other cultures and customs. Her family now owns an organic sustainable farm, and she appreciates the power of a wholesome diet that is affordable and healthy.  Juliana is also fully bilingual in English and Spanish and has experience coaching clients in both languages.

Juliana has worked with clients suffering from chronic illnesses and mental health issues, and she feels passionate about the power of counselling and discovering the emotional background behind our decisions.

Juliana is a licensed nutritionist and will shortly gain the title of registered dietitian nutritionist in the USA.

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  1. I lost 20lb and feel less stress

    Working with Juliana helped me realize that I was not adhering to my diet plan because I felt alone and unable to change. She tailored an easy diet plan that was easy to follow and counselled me once a week. I lost 20lb and feel less stress and I’m able to sleep better.

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