Kate Bryant

Natural solutions to your body's complaints

Kate focuses on body systems and finding the root cause of those irritating symptoms that keep you from being the healthiest version of yourself. Through a thorough history and symptom discussion she will identify the root cause. Kate will then help you develop a specific protocol through nutrition and lifestyle changes that will help you rebalance yourself and alleviate those symptoms.

Kate focuses on digestion, blood sugar, adrenal balance, immunity and more. Her specialty is helping people manage autoimmune conditions, adjust blood sugar levels and balance out digestive issues.

About Your Coach

Kate has a BS and MS.Ed in Health Education, is a certified personal trainer, and works in functional nutrition. She is continuing her development through an additional nutritional therapy practitioner certification. She is also a certified health instructor. 

Having lupus herself, and a son with an auto-inflammatory disorder, she is an expert in using nutrition and lifestyle changes to control symptoms of autoimmune diseases  naturally. She has been medication-free for years, and continues to use exclusively natural methods to control symptoms.

2 reviews

  1. Very professional and reliable

    I began working with Kate Bryant in January 2020. I sat in on one of her information sessions. I have had digestive and health issues for many years including migraines, Fatty Liver, lactose intolerance, Thyroid disease, idiopathic edema, bloating, and constipation. After taking her questionnaires and completing my health history Kate was able to determine what areas in my system were out of balance. All of the categories in the beginning I scored in the high priority range. Now after following her suggestions for 3 months, not only am I feeling better than I have for many years but I scored in the low priority range for all categories but two. What a difference! She really knows what can help you and made some excellent recommendations for supplements to help me. The last two categories involve medications that may have to be adjusted now that things are so much better. I am looking forward to working with Kate to fine tune these areas as well. Kate is very good at what she does and is always there for you should you need anything or have questions. If you have digestive issues, work with Kate… You won’t be disappointed! She has been a blessing to me!

  2. Significantly improved my well-being!

    Using regular assessments and consultations, Kate developed a personalized plan to address the imbalances that were making me feel constantly drained and exhausted. She provided individualized recommendations and useful resources to help me make simple and sustainable lifestyle changes that significantly improved my well-being. Functional nutrition therapy was an approach that really worked for me and that I would recommend to others who are looking to optimize their own health and wellness.

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