Katharina Schiller

Look amazing, feel even better. Build the right exercise & nutrition into your routine

Katharina is a health and well-being expert. 

Following a holistic approach, purely based on optimising her clients’ nutrition and integrating more movement into their day-to-day life, she helps them to create a healthier lifestyle. The goal of her sessions is for her clients to feel even better on the inside than they will look on the outside.

She will focus on realistic and sustainable positive lifestyle changes and use them as building blocks for them to achieve long term well-being.

On that journey, her goal is for her clients to feel consistently satisfied and energised. She helps them to improve not only their body but also their attitude, mind and mood.

She believes that people do not exist to be perfect, but rather to be better than they were before.

She believes that the dream of a healthier, happier and more motivated life does not have an expiration date. Taking the first step might be scary, but it is also full of possibilities and excitement. 

About Your Coach

Katharina draws inspiration from Robin Sharma, a Canadian author, who said: “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and so gorgeous at the end.”

An obese child, she lost 25kg at the age of thirteen, all under her own direction. As a result, Katharina knows what it takes to turn one’s life around first-hand.

Back then, she was neither a fitness nor a nutrition expert, but her passion to promote good health was roused and ever since she kept herself up to date with the leading fitness, lifestyle and nutrition information and research to help others distinguish fads from facts.

Today, she holds several coaching licenses completed with a degree in nutrition and has been gaining expertise in her field of work since 2013. She began by working as a coach and group fitness instructor in numerous gyms in Germany. After five years of this, she moved to her current base in Strasbourg, France, where she has built a successful track record as an online Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

Among actively coaching as well as educating others, she develops nutrition and exercise plans for clients of all backgrounds and ability levels to help achieve their personal well-being and health goals.

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