Lauren Farr

Get body confident with a highly-qualified fitness specialist, for newbies and veterans alike

Lauren starts her work with her clients by creating a well-tailored plan, which helps them reach their goals in a safe and effective way. All her clients undergo a personalised initial consultation that allows her to better serve them and design the appropriate programme. She believes that having a great interpersonal communication with each individual client is a key element to the success of her coaching. With all clients, Lauren focuses on making improvements to fitness, strength and mental well-being.

Her qualifications and Certifications Include:

ISSA Certified Elite Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist

ISSA Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist

ISSA Transformation Coach

She is currently working on a specialisation in both Body Building and Sports Conditioning.

About Your Coach

Lauren has been passionate about the fitness industry for years. After her previous career in competitive Ballroom and Latin Dance, she knew she needed something in her life to help her retain endurance and strength, without truly knowing what it was. After starting a family with her husband and retiring from the ballroom, she gained considerable weight and began slipping into a sedentary lifestyle. It was then that Lauren decided to enter a local fitness center and asked them to “fix her.” She had no idea that her life was about to change in the most positive way! With steady progress and dedication, she lost weight, gained strength, and leapt into a brand new form of endurance. It was after that she knew she wanted to become a personal trainer, so that she can encourage any person get into a gym for the first  time and create the body they deserve. She believes that it’s not just about crushing goals, but creating healthy and lifelong changes!

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