Lieke Kay

Nutrition & health coach with 40+ years of experience

Lieke believes prevention is the key to good health. She teaches her clients to get to know their own bodies, by giving them the tools to do so at home with her guidance.

Much of Lieke’s focus has been on nutrition, thyroid, balancing neurotransmitters, PH levels, mindfulness, emotional issues and most importantly detoxing heavy metals. She gives therapy and coaching in English, French and Dutch for a variety of health and diet disorders.

With Lieke’s coaching, you have 4 decades of practical nutritional experience and knowhow at your disposal.

About your coach

Lieke is a Nutritional & Alternative Health Consultant. She has studied nutrition and preventive medicine extensively, whilst living and working all over the world. Her career now spans over 40 years. She is currently based in Cannes (France).

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