Luis Manuel Garcia

Career coaching from an executive that has seen it all

With over 20 years of professional experience, Luis has practical advice to help you go through most situations. His ability to help his clients find new perspective and focus on their challenges is what really sets him apart from the rest.

Luis moved into online coaching after building a name for himself in offline training and speaking engagements. He has coached dozens of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts — people aiming to be continuous improvement experts — on how to apply their newly acquired skills in real projects in their working lives.

Much of Luis’ experience comes from his time as Director for Continuous Improvement for prominent players in European services and industry. It was there that he discovered a passion for coaching those around him.

A master of productivity, Luis has a great deal of experience teaching his clients how to be more effective at getting things done. He also coaches people in soft skills, such as presentation skills and communication. His key to success? Be sure to apply your newly acquired skills as fast as possible in a real environment.

Luis is adept at coaches others through transitions, such as a shift towards working from home or a change in role. In fact, as a business leader he was one of the first directors in Spain to encourage working from home over 15 years ago. He knows that remote work does not simply mean to bring your laptop home – instead, Luis will help you to understand tools, logistics and soft skills you need to maintain your productivity while being away from your office.

About Your Coach

Luis is a Spanish native, who was born and grew up in Germany. There, he studied Computer Science and Medical Sciences. He started his professional career as a researcher at the Elite University of Aachen (Germany) but soon after he moved into consulting for the IT and Industry business. After some time, he rose to become the CIO for Prisa, Spain’s biggest media company (known for the El País newspaper among others). His philosophy is to spend 1/3rd of life studying, another 1/3rd building his career, and the last 1/3rd sharing his knowledge. In November 2019 he sought a completely new path as coach, trainer and facilitator, and thereby finished his more than 20 years within international companies.

These days Luis is sharing this expertise and experience with whoever thinks that they could learn from it. It doesn’t matter if a person is just starting a professional or personal career path or if he/she is struggling to find their deeper purpose and wants to make a real change. Having been there and done it, Luis is a capable coach for those that are looking to be all they can be in their working life.

3 reviews

  1. Very efficient

    Luis has helped us to put in practice Lean Thinking through specific tools which helped us to change radically our company culture.

  2. Successful

    Luis has radically changed our work style and paradigm, creating a culture or collaboration and participation in which results were showing the success.

  3. Very professional

    It’s not only obvious the exhaustive knowledge Luis brings in, but also his deep real experience on how to apply this knowledge.

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