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Rediscover your inner peace and love yourself again

Mallory specializes in spiritual development, sober recovery, and energy management. She helps her clients to identify with their true self, rise in the light, and awaken their heart. She believes that everyone is looking for inner peace, and teaches that understanding your true self is the pathway to finding it. She is a yoga and mediation instructor and offers eastern healing modalities to activate mindfulness and soul-alignment. She helps her clients to set up sacred daily rituals/habits so they can skillfully work with their energy and reduce stress. She offers a myriad of tools and techniques that help one return to peace. Mallory encourages radical self-love and acceptance and help clients work through their shadow. She teaches the art of gentleness and forgiveness. She inspires positive and optimistic thinking while being real about what is hurting. She encourages clients to push through limiting beliefs and false perceptions of themselves. Mallory also helps clients who want to get sober work through the hell of addiction and discover their purpose.

During her sessions she sets goals with you, talks through how far away your goals are, and what is blocking you from reaching them. She helps you understand your inspirations and motivations, and then creates an action plan to move you towards the goal. Typically, she finds that breakthroughs happen through discussion and powerful questions. She inspires her clients to celebrate themselves, while getting real about where they are the most challenged. During the sessions, she and her client sometimes drop into a short guided meditation to awaken clarity and direction. Mallory works with clients for single sessions but she encourages longer commitments to see the best results. Genuine development happens through persistence, determination, and commitment.

About Your Coach

Mallory describes herself as a woman on a mission to live as her highest self and create a new world governed by unconditional love, peace, creativity, and play. She was not always this way.

Her life was turned on its head in August of 2014, at Burning Man festival. She met a friend who saw potential in her when it felt non-existent. They gazed into her eyes and said, “You are brilliant, and you are going to live a beautiful life,” and for the first time, she believed it. Mallory had never believed in herself while growing up. She felt she had nothing to offer the world. She became an alcoholic by freshman year of high school. Her dream was to become an infamous playboy model, and after leaving school she became a stripper and drank 10+ drinks every night. In 2013 she cried to the Universe for help and the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne fell into her lap. From that moment on everything began to shift. This is what led her to a massive spiritual awakening with that encounter at Burning Man. After the festival she was willing to surrender her life over to a greater intelligence in order to live out her soul’s purpose.

Today her life is a dedication to inspiring, empowering, and elevating consciousness. There is nothing she wishes for more than to give the same gift to others that her friend gave to her. She believes that within each and every single one of us is a sparkling gem, although many of us are blind to it. Life becomes limitless and so much fun as soon as we choose to surrender and identify with the light as the true self.

5 reviews

  1. A guiding light!

    Just speaking with Mallory motivated me to push through my blocks. She helped me with my self-doubt and unworthiness. I knew that she would be the source of light I was looking for. I found that my flaws of procrastinating and disorganization made it more difficult to reach for spirit. Mallory provided what I needed, she was a guiding light.

  2. Very helpful

    I felt inspired to reach out for coaching support from Mallory because she inspires me and I wanted to learn as much as I could from her. I have a greater sense of peace and possibility after our series together. Mallory reminded me to be gentle with myself and set achievable steps to work toward my goals- it was so helpful! I have more understanding for my process and ways I can make things easier for myself. I have taken positive steps in the development of my business and personal care routines.

  3. Out of this world

    The biggest change since I started working with Mallory has been my attitude and reaction towards others. Because I am focusing on healing and self-care, I react a lot less negatively and do not get upset as much. I am more compassionate and empathetic. And I am much more organized because of the goals and action steps. I now utilize my time wisely. My yoga classes have been full of better content and flow. My networking is out of this world. I have released relationships that drain me and now only have relationships that fill me up.

  4. The perfect coach to shine again!

    I cannot fully express how much I enjoyed working with Mallory as my coach. She gently pushed me to grow outside my comfort zone and to become a better version of myself – the me I wanted to be. She is the embodiment of love and I felt so cared for and supported as I took baby steps toward my goals. I felt she cared as much about my growth as I did, and she celebrated each success with me as if it were her own. I couldn’t wait for our calls so I could tell her about my journey. If you want to experience more joy, satisfaction and love in your life you couldn’t pick a better, more luminous soul to guide you there.

  5. Fulfilling

    My overall confidence and self-care practice has increased since working with Mallory. Discovering confidence through self-love has carried me to earn my personal training certification and start professional nutrition. I took a leap and started coaching my first clients. My relationship with my significant other is much richer because I am able to love myself, which allows me to let others love me.

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