Michelle Nelson

Overcome addictions, take control and put your life back on track

Michelle helps clients go on a transformation journey to overcome pain points with alcohol, overeating, and impulse control. Clients look forward to her coaching style, which provides active listening, visualization techniques, pain point discussions, boundary setting, and action plans around maintaining a sober, balanced lifestyle.

About Your Coach

She is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and over 20 years of experience supporting people and their behaviors.

She understands the burden of unresolved issues and their impact on personal decisions, our families, our relationships, and overall well-being.  That is why she is passionate about coaching, connecting, supporting, and guiding clients away from a life of disaster and helping them build a life of prosperity.  During the discovery session, clients will identify problems, visualize potential risks, and create action plans which will ultimately deliver positive results.

She believes everyone should have an opportunity to live a balanced and joy-filled life.

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