Vanja Zikic (Meditation)

Connect with your body in new ways using the power of meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are incredible ways to look inwards, listen to our inner silence and receive powerful answers. We often tend to forget how important it is to take a break, to step back and embrace the silence. By learning how to control our breathing and stop our mind’s chatter, we experience deep relaxation and tune in to our inner wisdom. Breathing is the only autonomous, involuntary action that we can consciously control, and it is a gate to the unconscious.

Vanja’s approach to meditation is gentle and caring. She will follow your own rhythm and nature and guide you towards better understanding of the body-mind connection and your own psychological processes. Depending on your intention and desires, together you will design a plan for your improvement. On average, effective results are achieved in about 5 to 6 sessions.

About Your Coach

Vanja is an expert in the field of psychology, and she practices what she preaches. She holds an MA in clinical psychology and also works as a counsellor and body psychotherapist. Her approach is holistic and client-directed, and she prefers to emphasise the “here and now” experience with her coaching clients.

Vanja delivers online 1-to-1 sessions to international clients from her mountain home in rural Serbia. Her life there allows her to constantly learn from the healing powers of Nature, and this connection to the world around us plays an important part in her sessions.

2 reviews

  1. Grounding

    I left the session feeling easier and freer, and at the same time in better contact with my body and myself.

  2. Great coach

    In my opinion, she was born to do this.

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