Olivia Lucero

A dating coach with an impeccable track record

Olivia specializes in relationships, whether romantic, friendly or family. This may mean helping you navigate dating sites, in-person dating, flirting, attraction, texting, and self-love in order to begin a new relationship. Alternatively, this may mean growing and troubleshooting an existing relationship – helping you navigate conflict, communication, independence, boundaries, novelty, and (always) self-love. She is an expert at coaching through relationship termination as well, which may mean helping you overcome heartbreak, or discussing if, when, and how to break up. While this may only sound applicable to dating, all relationships need some troubleshooting sometimes, so feel free to ask her about problems with family relationships and friendships as well.

About Your Coach

With an very thorough knowledge of human behaviour relating to relationships, Olivia has completely shocked clients with some of her revelations. She studied Romantic Relationships, Family Science, and Psychology at the University of Texas and began her career as a certified dating coach while working with the world’s first dating site, where she helped hundreds of clients find their match. She also worked with the world’s #1 heartbreak app, helping people through the trauma of breakups, loss, and grief, about which she authored two books. Olivia aspires to be the next world-renowned marriage and family counselor.

9 reviews

  1. 10/10 would recommend!

    I had such a wonderful experience with my date coach Olivia. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

  2. Very helpful to move forward!

    I’m actually excited about this next chapter in my dating journey after receiving such great and personalized advice. Thank you Olivia!

  3. A fantastic listener and advisor!

    I had a wonderful conversation with Olivia today. She listened carefully to me and gave me some fantastic advice. Thank you Olivia!

  4. Excellent dating advice

    Olivia gave me excellent dating advice. She is very fun and exciting dating coach.

  5. Amazing coaching

    Went above and beyond. Olivia exceeded everything and was a great coach

  6. Excellent individualized tips

    I tried the advice from Olivia and it was so helpful. She was honest and had excellent tips for me. Give her a call!

  7. Very good experience

    Had a really nice dating coach experience with Olivia

  8. Very insightful and helpful

    Had a great experience with dating coach Olivia. She was very insightful and helpful on ways to improve. Thank you Olivia

  9. Inspirational coaching

    Olivia was really easy to talk with and I left our conversion with an eagerness to make several changes

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