Ruben Gomes

A holistic approach to building a better you

If you struggle to maintain a healthy balance in your life, Ruben’s coaching can help you.
He takes a holistic approach, tackling various areas of self-improvement and well-being at the same time. He is passionate about personal growth and this shines through in his sessions. Ruben’s strong and diverse background helps him have a better understanding of his clients situation. He has coached people on nutrition, sports, mindfulness, life purpose, vision, goals, and overcoming obstacles. His clients all see similar results – they finish his coaching as better versions of themselves than when they started.

He follows the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) standards in addition to its code of ethics. He will challenge you to discover the true goal behind what you think you are searching for, and he will encourage you to give the best of yourself to achieve it. Although he has knowledge and experience in an array of areas, Ruben believes you have everything you need inside of you, and his job is to help you find it.

One day or day one? You decide.

About Your Coach

Ruben is passionate about life, people, and food. He has spent the last 8 years of his life investing daily in his well-being and performance as a human being, either mentally or physically. He takes inspiration and example by following the best practitioners in the world.

Ruben strongly believes that we have the power to become whoever we are by working on ourselves and that we can live in a better way if we just increase our consciousness.

Other passions: Trail running · Cooking · Learning · Laughing

About his accreditation:

– ICF (ACTP) – Nutritional Coaching – Masters Degree in Emotional Intelligence & Coaching –

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