Shachee Mehta

A self-care and relationships expert to build the life you deserve

We all want to be happy, to protect ourselves from hurt, and to live in authenticity and harmony with our highest self. But the truth is that most of us are limiting ourselves by how we choose to view ourselves and our relationships with others.

Shachee’s goal is to help you develop a core of self-love, self-care, communication, and life-balance that will empower you to overcome life’s challenges. She will empower you to stop overthinking and to instead seek out solutions. With a personalized approach to coaching, she’ll take the time to understand your needs, hurts, fears, and desires. Then you’ll work together to create small, simple yet effective steps to bring you closer to your goals. Throughout the course of your work with Shachee, you will get in touch with your own values, identify your unconscious blocks, work on your strengths and weaknesses, learn to set healthy boundaries, and develop self-respect and self-love.

About Your Coach

Along with a Master’s degree in Psychology, where Shachee focused on relationships, addiction and recovery,  she has also spent years studying, learning, practicing, and sharing the skills needed to help you live the fulfilling life that you deserve. She supports her clients in navigating healing, self-discovery, tough choices, negotiations, conflict, and growth.

3 reviews

  1. Effective coaching

    With a kind ear, endless patience, and a big bag of tools, the relationships which had gone sideways straightened out. Thank you Shachee.

  2. Energizing and fulfilling!

    Shachee has been a great support for me! I always leave our sessions feeling completely re-energised and like I can take on the entire world. She’s got me thinking in ways I never have before and I’m very thankful to have found her!

  3. Very helpful and structuring

    I worked with Shachee for months after an intense breakup/on-again-off-again relationship and felt super supported and nourished by her grounding energy and space that she holds. No matter how disorganized and chaotic my energy was on a certain day walking in, she was able to neutralize and help me organize my thoughts and help me move forward past all the confusion. Especially impactful was the deep work we did around core beliefs and getting needs met, I could not stop recommending her to nearly everyone I knew afterwards because the work really got down to the root of the suffering around relationships for me and provided structure so that I could deep-dive into various other healing modalities to address the issues at the root. Anyone interested in deep, grounded and lasting change in relationships should have Shachee as a guide and support.

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