Stephanie Seplavy

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Stephanie understands that recovery is a collaborative process and she prides herself on her strengths based coaching approach that will allow you to take the wheel of your recovery and find strategies that work for you. She recognizes the challenges and obstacles that arise during recovery and will assist you with development of strategies that facilitate change. Stephanie provides undivided support and will go where you need to go and guide you back to yourself so you can powerfully live your life free from addiction.

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Stephanie Seplavy is an internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor as well an internationally certified recovery coach based in Los Angeles, California. She has over 5 years of experience working with both teens and adults in diverse settings including; residential treatment, intensive outpatient, medicated assisted treatment, and correctional facilities. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston and became nationally certified in recovery coaching through TAA (The Addictions Academy). Stephanie had her own struggles with alcoholism and in 2009 she took the first steps to becoming sober. Celebrating over 10 years she has achieved many personal goals and has also helped hundreds of others along the way. Her personal experience and dedication is what sets her apart from anybody else. She is a well-rounded, dedicated individual, who is passionate about helping others turn their lives around.

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