Viktoria Galitsi

Build the career you deserve with our HR and development specialist

Viktoria is a talented and experienced career coach. Her sessions are for anyone who:

• is tired of doing meaningless work, feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in their current job, but not sure what they would like to do instead

• knows that they have more to offer to the world, but not sure how to translate it into their job

• has to come back from career break (maternity, sabbatical, long break) but their are not sure if they want to go back to their old job and they are feeling lost

• would like to have the freedom and work for themselves, but not sure what to do or where to start
A job is an important part of people’s lives that should bring not only money, but also pleasure.

Viktoria’s goal is to make it so and help you design a career that fits your life vision, aligns with your values and purpose and plays to your strengths and personality, without compromising the balance in other areas of your life.

Viktoria specialises in helping people like you to:

• work on their career life and career vision

• understand their purpose and strengths as well as personality traits.
their life view and work view, so they finally have true work-life balance and live a coherent life

• understand where they are in their life right now and if this is the right time to make a change

• design three viable career options using a special technique

• create an outstanding personal brand

• build amazing CV’s and cover letters that secure job interviews

• learn modern job search strategies that actually work

• prepare for the interview, so they land the job

• craft their career story to define and communicate their foundation and background

Viktoria is a great believer that people should do what they love instead of being stuck in the jobs they hate. Career is a big part of people’s lives, considering that they spend the majority of their life working. On average they start working at 18 and continue until they are 65. That is a very long time to be unhappy in a job! Her mission is to change that.
She was there herself once, and she knows from her own experience how daunted, unmotivated and stuck that made her feel. She found her dream career by helping others to design theirs. Now, she helps ambitious professionals to design their own dream career. A career that aligns with their values and purpose, that plays to their strengths and personality, and doesn’t compromise the balance in their lives.
Taking all her experience and knowledge from 10 years in HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development and Coaching, she can help you to design, change or elevate your career, or even start a side-hustle or your own business. She knows exactly what it takes to stand out from the crowd and just how important it is for people to find their purpose and design career that aligns with it. Her modern and straightforward approach gets her clients real results.

11 reviews

  1. Priceless

    Viktoria is a highly talented, natural coach. She has been priceless in my search to find the right road in work-life. Her guidance challenged me to think beyond just “the job search” and focus more on finding a career that would go along with my strengths, vision and goals in life. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a caring, sincere and passionate mentor.

  2. Very professional

    I’ve had the opportunity to work with Viktoria, and I’ve been amazed by the way she cares about her clients reaching the results they really want. She is “THE GO TO PERSON” if you want to improve or make a shift in your professional career.

  3. Highly recommended!

    I had a chance to receive career counselling from Viktoria. She is very empathetic and a great problem solver. She helped me gain insights about the job market and provided me very useful directions that were specific to my unique niche in the design industry. Would definitely recommend as a career coach!

  4. A fantastic career coach!

    I had a chance to speak to Victoria . She provided constructive feedback that really helped me improve and re-structure my resume. She is a fantastic career coach!

  5. Focused and accurate professional

    Viktoria is a focused and accurate professional. She helped me with every detail I needed, paying attention to my needs and doubts in regards of my professional background and goals. She analysed my CV and Cover Letter and gave me exclusive suggestions, that will help me in achieving my goals. She had sensibility and vision when analyzing also the needs for a career in the Fashion Industry. It was an amazing and complete experience, and I for sure recommend her as a Career Coach

  6. Very helpful

    I had a career session with Viktoria, and it was very helpful. She told me some tips about my CV that I would never think of, and it definitely improved my resume a lot. I recommend Viktoria to anyone who is in the job search or just struggling with his/her career. Viktoria will definitely help you to find a job of your dreams and get hired!

  7. Excellent

    Viktoria is a very helpful career coach. She helped me to improve my CV and cover letter. Her guidance was very useful for my job search. I would recommend her to anyone looking for career advice.

  8. Enlightening

    Viktoria gave me a very enlightening consulting reviewing my CV and cover letter. In a very short time she gave me relevant advise to improve the way I communicate my value proposition in line with my professional objective. She is punctual, kind, honest and professional.

  9. Very good

    I had a high quality session for my CV and Cover letter with precise and straightforward directions. I highly recommend Viktoria

  10. Very helpful

    I had a consultation with Viktoria regarding my career path. She managed to grasp the outlook of my situation very quickly and offer her professional advice. Advice tailored to my position and experience, and even my field of work which is not typical. Moreover, it wasn’t a one-sided pitch but an astute conversation, back and forth between my perspective and her guidance. I have difficult choices ahead but her encouragement and advice will definitely drive my actions forward. I genuinely recommend anyone to turn to her for counsel and consultations. Indeed helpful.

  11. Amazing

    Viktoria helped me a lot with improving my curriculum vitae, to structure it, how to propose it to companies, what to include and exclude. She has also given me lots of interesting hints which I am going to use in order to improve my professional appearance. I really have learned something new. Personally, she gave me a good feeling: meanwhile being professional and very well prepared, she appeared as a friendly, empathic, patient yet dynamic person. I definitely can recommend her

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