William Maloney

An experienced strength, flexibility and mobility coach for high performers

Willliam’s speciality is his ability to take any health, fitness, nutrition, well-being,  or performance topic and explain it in a simple yet comprehensive way that just makes sense. You may know a health fact for years, but you are unlikely to understand it fully until you apply it in practice. William encourages you to understand your own health and delivers clarity in an engaging way.

About Your Coach

William is a Health and Human Performance Adviser, showing top performers how to make sense of their health.

He teaches how to connect the categories of training, body efficiency, well-being, nutrition, sleep, vitality and regeneration so you can achieve your health performance ideal.

An elite personal trainer within the world of luxury fitness for 13 years, he has fronted nationwide fitness campaigns and programs in the USA. William has also given back to the industry by teaching other professionals through online platforms developed with UCLA and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (USA).

William has also been a part of the Strength and Conditioning Team for Stanford University. This team was led by former USAW Olympic Federation President and Head Coach, Jim Schmitz, and former L.A. Lakers head strength coach, Joe Carbone. The team was also mentored by the physical preparation pioneer, Coach Ian King of King Sports International.

Nowadays, William combines his online coaching with work as a lead instructor on popular online video channels. His content focuses on mobility and flexibility.

He holds certifications with National Academy of Sports Medicine, APEX, National Exercise Trainers Association, USA Weightlifting, Precision Nutrition, and Kettlebell Athletics.

William has also contributed to podcasts and media outlets on the subject of health and human performance over the last 20 years.

5 reviews

  1. Very efficient personal programs

    Before I was referred to Will, I wanted to improve my health and get rid of my chronic pains. Will was so detailed, reliable and personal with his approach and programs. My health got where I wanted it to be, my pain quieted, and I got a little bit taller in the process

  2. Useful to overcome health limits

    When I began working with Will, it had been 30 years since I trained regularly. I had strong signs that my health needed attention. The results of working with his coaching helped me overcome my health limits. He even taught me how to create my own training program. My strength, my flexibility and my health were near an all time high and the limits I started with got to a normal range.

  3. Thorough and professional

    I had worked with other trainers and coaches in the past. But I began to notice strong signs that my work/health balance needed better attention. The results of working with Will’s coaching were much greater strength, better stress management and great increases in flexibility. His attention to detail and his professional style are second to none.

  4. Incredible results

    During my first meeting with Will, he asked me to do a few simple lunges. After just a few of them, I had to sit down because of the fatigue. Two years later, we shared that story with each other during a training session as I was about to back squat 210 lbs! Along with those results, I saw my flexibility greatly improve, along with my stamina and performance levels.

  5. The best health professional!

    Will is the best, under-promoted, great health professional that I know. I dealt with “health debt” as he called it before we worked together, and I was impressed with the simple, yet significant results in a short time. It’s been many years now that I continue to work with him because he is invaluable to my health performance

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