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“The UK workforce is now more mobile than ever,
with 33% of all new starters now looking for a new job
after just 6 months of employment. In the face of
more demanding teams, businesses need to find
innovative new ways to motivate their people.

What’s more, 94% of millennials now look for compelling benefit
programmes when choosing their next company.
As a result, employee engagement has never been as
important to UK business as it is today.

With the skills pool becoming increasingly
narrow, attracting and retaining top industry talent
may well prove the decisive factor in determining the
market leaders of tomorrow.”

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Days worked (through less sick leave)
Sales revenue

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In this guide, we cover the various ways in which UK Business
Leaders and HR Managers can effectively engage their
people, sharing new techniques and best practice.

We examine traditional engagement techniques and their
relevance in 2019, and compare them with the emerging
trends in talent retention. We also analyse the key differences
between monetary and non-monetary compensation, how
to find the correct balance for your business, and how to use
these levers to turbo-charge staff motivation and morale.

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